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Do you have products you’d like to sell in China but you don’t know how to organize the shipping process? Casaitaliana is the solution to your problems.


Casaitaliana has almost twenty years of experience in the furniture industry: founded in Milan in 1999, the company entered the Chinese market in 2010. The company offers an excellent delivery service to China, also providing the opportunity to choose between different modes and transport times.

Casaitaliana provides a service to companies and furniture retailers who trade or intend to trade with China, providing a support that not even the biggest international shipping companies are able to provide. Our goal is indeed to establish ourselves as a real bridge between Italian companies and Chinese customers.

Furthermore, Casaitaliana not only deals with transportation, but also provides Italian furniture dealers with an easy and intuitive platform for entering the complex Chinese market. This way, the company offers both customers and retailers numerous advantages and warranties. All this is made possible thanks to the experience gained not only in the furniture sector, but also in logistics, warehouse management and customs.

How does the shipping
process work?

Ritiro merce Casaitaliana

Goods collection

The shipping process begins with transferring the goods from the retailer to Casaitaliana: the purchased products are unloaded and stored in the warehouse, where thorough quality checks are carried out and the booking details are compared. Then, based on the type of goods, the most suitable type of packaging is selected. Last but not least, the shipping method is planned.

Ritiro merce Casaitaliana Ritiro merce Casaitaliana Ritiro merce Casaitaliana
Trasporto Casaitaliana

Shipping to China

The first phase of shipping the goods begins in Italy. However, in order to make this process more efficient, Casaitaliana relies on professionals located in different parts of the world. The company takes care of the whole chain of activities necessary for the goods to be loaded on containers or trucks to be shipped to China.

Trasporto verso la cina Casaitaliana Trasporto verso la cina Casaitaliana Trasporto verso la cina Casaitaliana
Assistenza doganale Casaitaliana

Customs assistance

Thanks to the knowledge of the rules and the Chinese market, Casaitaliana is able to face all customs operations without any problem. Our own team carries out customs clearance and checks at the border, providing invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin and all the necessary paperwork.

Assistenza doganale Casaitaliana Assistenza doganale Casaitaliana Assistenza doganale Casaitaliana
Consegna e montaggio Casaitaliana

Delivery and assembly

After custom clearance, Casaitaliana delivers the goods according to the needs of the final customer, taking care of the assembly of all the products.

Consegna e montaggio Casaitaliana Consegna e montaggio Casaitaliana Consegna e montaggio Casaitaliana


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