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Frequently asked questions on the services provided by Casaitaliana

How much are the expenses / taxes on each product sold on the Casaitaliana platform?

There are no additional expenses, the gains of Casaitaliana are in fact the result of the company’s direct interaction with the end customer.

Are there any other taxes that could be applied for the sales service offered?

No tax is applied: Casaitaliana uses its personnel for shipments and this considerably reduces costs. All expenses are charged to the customer who buys the products.

If a partner becomes part of the Casaitaliana network of suppliers, will his products be automatically promoted on all the websites and platforms (italyclassico, eurooo, oujuhui, ozsp)?

No, the products will only be visible on the italyclassico website and eurooo. However, you can register on oujuhui and ozsp and upload your products by yourself.

Does the sale take place directly on the website?

No, the site is only there to consult the basic information. As you can see, there are no specific product prices on the site, so the sales process is carried out by our employees in China.

If we make our products available on your website and a customer decides to buy one or more, you will complete the sale and then the goods will be ready to be shipped, right?

Yes, the supplier does not need to worry about shipping as our headquarters in Italy take care of the paperwork for the purchase.

Do we sell our products to Casaitaliana?

Yes: the payment must be made to Casaitaliana srl ​​with headquarters in Milan.

Considering that our company is located outside the Italian territory, would it be an export as Casaitaliana is located in Milan?

In this case, an export to Italy should be considered.

Frequently asked questions on logistics

Who is responsible for transporting the goods?

The supplier’s responsibilities end with the quality check of the goods, carried out in Italy by Casaitaliana. From this moment onwards, all responsibilities are ours.

Who decides quotas and interacts with shipping partners?

It is Casaitaliana that makes these decisions and takes care of shipping.

Who informs the customers about the costs?

All expenses are managed by Casaitaliana, therefore Casaitaliana is responsible for informing the client of the costs.

How do we interact with shipping partners?

Momentarily Casaitaliana relies on professionals in the shipping sector, but in the future the company will have its own shipping bases.

We are working on a list of products to send you, but we need to understand which aspects affect the price. Could you give us some information?

Casaitaliana demands the best commercial conditions in order to offer the final customer the best price and a high-quality service.

If you have any further doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.


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