The simplicity and uniqueness of Italian style also in China

On 12th November 2018, Casaitaliana completed the distribution and installation of some products at the Fanhai complex in Beijing. The main brands of this recent project are Molteni&CPoliform and B&B Italia.


Those who know Molteni&C's furniture has certainly already known the excellent craftsmanship and unique design of its products, which have inherited the true essence of the Italian culture: romance, simplicity, quality and luxury.

Reversi '14 sofa | Molteni&C | Casaitaliana

Reversi '14 modular sofa by Molteni&C

The simple and low-profile colors together with the softness of the fabric makes the Reversi '14 sofa suitable for any environment. The desired sense of modernity arises spontaneously thanks to Molteni&C.

The refined details and delicate fabrics offer the maximum sensation of relaxation. This is the culture of the Molteni&C brand, which strives to create a comfortable and welcoming home for its customers.


Concorde dining table | Poliform | Casaitaliana

Concorde table by Poliform

Poliform is not a design brand like the others but always a legend in the furniture industry. For over 70 years, Poliform has been a point of reference in the world of design worldwide!

The minimalist and modern style has always been a feature in all Poliform furniture. The clean design creates a personal niche space, in which materials and shapes give life to the luxury Made in Italy.

Grace chair | Poliform | Casaitaliana

Grace chair by Poliform

The classic khaki color shows a different kind of charm. The special leather upholstery shows a sophisticated luxury, not obvious at all.

Rever double bed | Poliform | Casaitaliana

Double bed Rever by Poliform

Poliform products all have a linear, simple and noble design. A simple design does not make the environment obvious, on the contrary it makes the bedroom elegant and quiet.

Onda bedside table | Poliform | Casaitaliana

Onda bedside table by Poliform

The combination of precious wood and elegant marble highlights the natural design of the Onda bedside table. Rounded corners, thin handles and every other detail are managed with great skill, highlighting the high quality of a great brand like Poliform.

Kelly double bed | Poliform | Casaitaliana

Kelly double bed by Poliform

The Kelly double bed combines the elegance of Italian style with the simplicity of the Chinese one. The solid structure, supported by fine legs and an inconspicuous headboard, makes the Kelly double bed refined and accurate at the same time.

Onda cabinet | Poliform | Casaitaliana

Onda cabinet by Poliform

The combination of different styles and the precision of wood bring out the natural and artistic beauty of this belief.


UP5_6 Pouf | B&B Italia | Casaitaliana

UP5_6 pouf by B&B Italia

The precise design that follows the body lines and the exotic personality of this pouf make the surrounding space dazzling.

If you are interested in the products above or you want to ship your products in China thanks to the 360° service offered by Casaitaliana, do not hesitate to contact us!