Opening horizons and expanding your business is the desire of many companies, especially when it comes to making the world of Made in Italy furniture known. High costs, cultural and legislative distance and general uncertainty often lead to a step back. This is when Casaitaliana comes to your aid!

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Breaking the ground in a different and expanding market like the Chinese one can represent the turning point for your business, maintaining a local workforce and preserving the quality of your products.

The distinctive trait that has allowed the success of Casaitaliana is the long experience in the luxury furniture sector and the knowledge of the Chinese market and the mechanisms that regulate it.

But not only, relying on Casaitaliana does not only mean relying on a specialized logistic service that focuses on fragile objects that are difficult to transport like furniture. Casaitaliana offers a complete service that includes not only the transport and preparation of documents and packaging, but also an installation service on site, as well as after-sales services offered to all customers. This allows, in addition to guaranteeing the highest quality, to offer the guarantee of an appropriate use of the product, always in the best conditions.

On a practical level, how to insert your company's products into the Chinese market? Casaitaliana has several online platforms, where you can consult all the products and contact us immediately, without bothering from your sofa. Nowadays, e-commerce platforms, like those offered by Casaitaliana, are the perfect solution, especially in a country as big as China. Different platforms with different products and different needs but all with the same common denominator: being a showcase of Italian and European quality. Your products will then become part of the big e-commerce market in China.

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These are the reasons for choosing Casaitaliana. Provide maximum guarantees and ensure that their products represent the best of the company worldwide.

There are already many companies that have decided to invest in a partnership with us. Among the latest arrivals: Rever and Baleri Italia, two small Italian companies with the desire to expand. What are you waiting for? You too can join the Casaitaliana family! Write to or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. China and Casaitaliana are waiting for you!

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