The 1st meeting of the year between Eurooo, Casaitaliana and its commercial partners

On Thursday 24th of January there was the first meeting of the year between Eurooo, Casaitaliana and their commercial partners.

The business associate Alberto Erba opened the meeting with a warm welcome speech and introduced to our guests the main topics of the meeting. After that he left the floor to Bruno Maraucci, the executive assistant of the founder Mr. Wu Ruijun, who explained guests how the high-end furniture platforms actually work and the development during the years.


The platforms managed by Eurooo and Casaitaliana offer a complete service to both customers and partners: a continual update of the products database, a highly specialized customer service, detailed quotations, support to the customer during the purchase, all the necessary actions for customs’ clearance of goods, post-sale support, delivery and installation.

What the difference between Eurooo and Casaitaliana then? They focus on different markets.

Casaitaliana operates in China, thanks to its 6 branches present locally. In 2018 it was already considered as one of the biggest companies for high-end furniture in China.

Eurooo focuses on the international market, thanks to its platforms available in 11 different languages.

Advantages for their partners are several; Free advertising on their websites, simplification of the export process and guaranteed visibility on many different markets.


After the introduction of the platforms, the manager Mr Ye Xin explained Chinese latest marketing trends.  Cash and brick and mortar shops are gradually disappearing and the only way to keep up with times is to understand the importance of e-commerce platforms.

The last one who took the floor was the founder of Casaitaliana and Eurooo, Mr. Wu Ruijun. He wanted to share his experience and his business model with guests to let them understand the importance of building long-lasting relationships of trust and collaboration both with customers and partners.

Even this time, the meeting was a great success. The enthusiasm of partners and customers show that Eurooo and Casaitaliana are doing things in the right way. Step by step, together toward the success.