Luxury at hand: Fendi Casa and Versace

On October 14, 2018, Casaitaliana completed the distribution and installation of some furniture products at the Jiuzhang residence in Beijing. The furniture brands we dealt with this time include the luxury brands FENDI CASA and VERSACE.


TUDOR sofa, Fendi Casa

Founded in 1925, Fendi Casa has always stood out for its craftsmanship and creativity since its fundation, when it produced leather products and bags. Since 1989, Fendi Casa has stood out for its design style and consistency in maintaining an excellent quality of its products.

TUDOR sofa | Fendi Casa | Casaitaliana | |

TUDOR sofa | Fendi Casa

Fendi Casa brings luxury into your home; a luxury that is not only aesthetic, but also has the ability to combine functionality, aesthetics and sensations, thus transforming your rooms into a real art gallery.

TUDOR sofa | Fendi Casa | Casaitaliana | |

TUDOR sofa | Fendi Casa

The sofa is a classic example of the quality craftsmanship of Fendi Casa, with its exquisite details and the charm of the simple appearance.


ELIZABETH armchair, Fendi Casa

Soft lines, extraordinary texture of the most refined leather and simple and fashionable design make the armchair one of the best representations of Fendi Casa.

ELIZABETH armchair | Fendi Casa | Casaitaliana | |

CONSTELLATION coffee table | Fendi Casa

CONSTELLATION coffee table, Fendi Casa

Fendi Casa has always been a leading brand among high-end furniture manufacturers. In the field of modern design of the house, Fendi Casa has always been able to stand comparison with its competitors, and to act as one of the leading brands.

CONSTELLATION coffee table | Fendi Casa | Casaitaliana | |

CONSTELLATION coffee table | Fendi Casa

Fendi Casa's Constellation coffee table is fashionable, light and functional. In contrast to the traditional idea of the coffee table, the Fendi Casa's Constellation coffee table is easy to transport, practical, flexible and suitable for any environment.


ANYA coffee table, Fendi Casa

Fendi Casa has a traditional concept of the house, innovative but not exaggerated; promotes a spiritual-oriented lifestyle.

ANYA coffee table | Fendi Casa | Casaitaliana | |

ANYA coffee table | Fendi Casa

Every detail is finely treated to create a noble temperament: from the leather top, to the polished brass base, to the harmonious balance between the different materials.


ADONE bed, Fendi Casa

The Fendi Casa bed has a solid wood structure, the headboard is wrapped in a sophisticated flannel, while the craftsmanship of the Fendi Casa linen products gives shine.

ADONE bed | Fendi Casa |

ADONE bed | Fendi Casa

DOMUS chest of drawers, Fendi Casa

Luxury is not appearance, but substance. The surface of this bedside table has a delicate and exquisite touch; once again, the details of Fendi Casa furniture reveal the concept of nobility that the Fendi Casa furniture looks for.

DOMUS chest of drawers | Fendi Casa |

DOMUS chest of drawers | Fendi Casa


Versace's LA COUPE DES DIEUX chairs put the emphasis on the harmony of general aesthetics, approaching a traditional design, but without losing its modern personality. The chair is finely decorated with fresh and elegant tones.