Roche Bobois: the best of French romanticism!

In the living room, the sofa is the focal point, the final touch in the room. It gives comfort and relax but also color to the entire living room.

2nd November 2018, Jiangyundu project by Casaitaliana in Chongqing

Montgolfiere sofa | Roche Bobois | Casaitaliana

Montgolfiere sofa by Roche Bobois

Roche Bobois is a world leader in furniture design and distribution. It offers a wide range of exclusive products with personalized and extravagant designs.

Being the piece of furniture present in every home, the sofa must be versatile but at the same time of high quality. The choice of materials and composition in a high-quality sofa is not limited to the variety of colors and fabrics, but also to the comfort of the seat and, first of all, to the different needs of the customers.

Mah Jong sofa | Roche Bobois | Casaitaliana

Mah Jong sofa by Roche Bobois

This fabric sofa is made of high-quality cotton and linen that provide excellent breathability to the product. The characteristic use of large buttons allows the product to be comfortably unlined and washed. The practical tabs and the tear-off system allow the sofa cover to adhere perfectly to the padding and keep the sofa stable and firm.

Mah Jong sofa | Roche Bobois | Casaitaliana

Mah Jong sofa | Roche Bobois | Casaitaliana

Mah Jong sofa delivered and installed by Casaitaliana in Chongqing

A good quality sofa, in addition to promoting relaxation must have a structure that guarantees the right support. For this reason, the Mah Jong sofa by Roche Bobois has a solid structure formed by high-quality padding and fabric that make the product elegant but at the same time robust and firm.

The slender and soft back, supported by the right inclination, ensures a correct position of the spine, thus ensuring the best support for the whole body.

Mah Jong sofa | Roche Bobois | Casaitaliana

Mah Jong modular sofa by Roche Bobois

Roche Bobois always thinks about its customers. The right furniture and furnishing accessories combine with a high-quality design and the perfect refinement with the most diverse needs, awakening the desire for a beautiful and pleasant home and consequently helping to fulfill it.

Colorado coffee tables | Roche Bobois | Casaitaliana

The Roche Bobois design, the Colorado coffee tables

In the collective imagination, France is the country that best pursues the ideals of elegance and refinement. The French brand Roche Bobois is certainly not an exception! The traditional French style is perfectly reflected in all the Roche Bobois products and the company is dedicated to the continuous development and the constant innovation.

Mah Jong sofa | Roche Bobois | Casaitaliana

Mah Jong sofa by Roche Bobois, in different colors and combinations

Roche Bobois constantly researches and uses the most advanced technology to allow not only a visibly pleasing end result but also to guarantee the best long-term preservation. With varied and refined details, Roche Bobois places functional utility and elegance in everyday life, through the supply of a wide range of exclusive custom designs. A luxury design apparently for a few becomes the design of many, thanks to the Roche Bobois products!

Casaitaliana currently collaborates with 4700 Italian and European brands of high-quality furniture and construction materials. Building the most reliable platform in the world of services and information on high-end furniture is the mission of Casaitaliana! If you are interested and want to know more about some Roche Bobois products, do not hesitate to contact us!