Team 7 in China: the Yutianxia project by Casaitaliana

On 15th December 2018, Casaitaliana completed the delivery and installation regarding the Yutianxia project in Beijing, delivering some products of the Austrian brand Team 7.

Flaye chair and dining table

The simple rationalism and the natural and rustic style are the key concepts defined by Team 7. Creating products with a delicate and inconspicuous plot but at the same time prominent is not easy at all, but Team 7 seems to have succeeded in this.

Flaye chairs and table | Team 7 | Casaitaliana

Flaye chair and Flaye dining table by Team 7

The natural veins of the wood are preserved and treated at their best, adding a touch of authenticity to the product. The complicated grinding process gives the table a smooth and delicate surface. The elegant and clear lines are distinctive features, and the balance between aesthetics and functionality is the reason for the superiority of all Team 7 products!

Flaye dining table | Team 7 | Casaitaliana

Dining table Flaye by Team 7

At the Team 7 factory in Austria, the master craftsmen work day by day, year after year, the wood coming from the best woods in the area, that is incredibly refined so as to give an elegant appearance. The work done on each individual product contains the elegant taste and unique appeal of all Team 7 products.

Flaye chairs and table | Team 7 | Casaitaliana

Flaye chairs and dining table by Team 7

According to Team 7, furniture is a useful tool to improve the quality of life: a quality piece of furniture can really influence the surrounding environment and bring an infinite pleasure. The combination between the clean shades of the dining chair and the warm color of the dining table is perfect.

Flaye table and chairs | Team 7 | Casaitaliana

Flaye chair | Team 7 | Casaitaliana

Flaye chairs and dining table installed in Beijing by Casaitaliana

Solid wood reflects at best the simplicity of life. Team 7 captures this aspect perfectly, employing a simple design that re-establishes the purity and simplicity of everyday life. Even the details are able to better reflect the sincerity of the brand: whether it is the arched design of the table corner or the seams of the chair, all the inconspicuous details reflect the propensity to perfection and the professionalism of the Team 7 brand.

Flaye chairs and table | Team 7 | Casaitaliana

Flaye dining table and chairs by Team 7

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