Modern style and absolute comfort

On 11th October 2018, Casaitaliana completed the delivery and installation of some products within the project of the embassy project no. 1 in Beijing. The products installed this time are the sofas by Flexform, the coffee tables, the TV cabinet and the chairs by Cattelan Italia, the beds by Natuzzi and the consoles by Alivar.


Pleasure Up sofa | Flexform | Casaitaliana

Pleasure Up corner sofa by Flexform

The Pleasure Up corner sofa by Flexform is known as the most comfortable sofa in the world! With more than 100 years of experience and sophisticated techniques, Flexform has been able to adapt and combine comfort and flexibility with high technology and innovative materials.

Cattelan Italia

Laser coffee table | Cattelan Italia | Casaitaliana

Laser coffee table by Cattelan Italia

In a modern and minimalist style home, there are no complicated decorations; every piece of furniture or accessory reveals a precise tendency. Expertly crafted sofas, wooden coffee tables, TV furniture and refined decorative ornaments: the typical high quality living room is right in front of you.

The soft and clean lines of this table by Cattelan Italia make the object fashionable, giving it a completely natural beauty at the same time.

Vision TV cabinet | Cattelan Italia | Casaitaliana

TV Cabinet Vision by Cattelan Italia

In addition to transmitting emotions through the attention to details, Cattelan Italia is also able to guarantee the right comfort and satisfy the most different requests. The light lines of this Vision TV cabinet and the practical feet support the entire structure, giving the furniture a delicate appearance as a whole. Regardless of the design or the shade, the modern, natural and minimalist style is respected.

Agata Flex chair | Cattelan Italia | Casaitaliana

Agata Flex chair by Cattelan Italia

In addition to a variety of materials to choose from and different styles, Cattelan Italia emphasizes the functionality of its products in order to meet the needs of its customers. The Agata Flex chair incorporates the most original ideas in the most minimalist form. The fine leather finish adds texture to the product.


Fenice double bed | Natuzzi | Casaitaliana

Fenice double bed by Natuzzi

The Fenice double bed with practical storage compartment facilitates space management; the minimalist design saves space while maintaining the maximum functionality of the object. As they say, kill two birds with one stone.


Chapeau makeup table | Alivar | Casaitaliana

Chapeau makeup table by Alivar

Founded in 1984, the Italian brand Alivar is a high-end brand of modern furniture, which has produced several masterpieces in the history of design. Alivar attaches great importance to technological innovation and continuous research; it is a source of inspiration, bringing brilliant furnishing products and a unique vision of materials and colors.

A simple and clean home is the home that everyone wants. The quiet and comfortable atmosphere created by a minimalist and modern style can relieve everyone's hard work and is therefore appreciated by everyone.

Casaitaliana currently collaborates with more than 4500 brands of Italian and European furniture and building materials. Building a platform of services and information on the most reliable high-end products in the world is the mission of Casaitaliana! If you are interested in the furniture brands above, do not hesitate to contact us!