Details matter! Export building materials to China

China’s power and its bigger importance in the global market, and the enormous success of Made in Italy in every industry create the perfect occasion for your company.

Concerning Italian quality and manufacturing, we immediately think about final products and high quality. Beside this, there are other categories that cannot be underestimated, like building materials’ one; cause the foundation and everything that it’s at the basis determine the high-quality of the final products.

The care of details and the incessant research characterize the Made in Italy in the world and represent a strong potential for small and medium-sized businesses, even in producing building materials.

Exporting building materials | Casaitaliana

Widen the business in such a distant world means meeting a lot of obstacles. Relying on experts who deeply know all the mechanisms of Chinese regulations and laws is for sure the best step to take. Casaitaliana actually fulfills this profile. Thanks to a specialized and expert team, all legal, linguistic and cultural barriers are torn down, guaranteeing a complete service.

- The entire process: from shipping to final installation

Exporting does not only mean shipping a product (here, building materials) but also taking care of the whole process, from the delivery of the product from the supplier a tour warehouse, until the delivery to the final customer, in order to guarantee an excellent service and maintaining the quality of the product. This is actually what makes the difference and what every company wishes when exporting its goods.

Being bulky products difficult to ship, it’s fundamental to guarantee a safe packaging and a complete custom-made service including the installation, after-sale services, as for Casaitaliana.

Safe packaging | Casaitaliana

- All the necessary documents

All the necessary documents regarding custom clearance as well as airway and sea transport are not ignorable, since they change according to the country and  to the final destination. Combining the difficulty of these steps with the diversity of the Chinese market can be risky and counter-productive. Casaitaliana experts team is able to provide all the necessary documents and supervise every step.  

- How the situation in China is managed?

Thanks to Casaitaliana six branches in China, the process and the shipping of all products are carefully managed. The interaction with the final customer occurs thanks to Casaitaliana staff and the language does not represent an obstacle during the communication. Once all the products are shipped from Italy, the whole process is supervised by Casaitaliana.

On the customers side, all Chinese customers can get in touch with the offered products and the building materials thanks to our online platforms. This way, the mechanism will get easier and faster and the contact will be immediate.

Oujuhui | Online platform | Casaitaliana

Oujuhui, Casaitaliana platform for ready-made furniture and construction materials

Casaitaliana’s goal is to provide a full assistance, a B2B and B2C service that can guarantee to our partner companies to start a new business and broaden their horizons towards the Chinese clientele.

There is no need to wait, let your business take off and contact us now!