A prestigious location, a prestigious home

The Yinyi Yilingshu residential area of Shanghai, a crossroads between the prosperous Lianyang district, and the international atmosphere of the Biyun district, is one of the most beautiful areas of the city where you can buy a charming terraced house. Houses prices are very high, as the whole neighborhood is built in French style and the interiors of the houses are finely decorated and furnished.

On 30 January 2018, Casaitaliana has delivered and installed in this marvelous place a series of furnishings of the Italian brand Savio Firmino, in particular beds, wardrobes and bedside tables.

Yinyi Yilingshu Villas - Shanghai - Savio Firmino - Casaitaliana - italyclassico.com

Notte Fatata bed - Savio Firmino - Casaitaliana - italyclassico.com

Notte Fatata bed - Savio Firmino

Savio Firmino is the world's number one brand in the production of handmade furniture in classic style, a spokesman for the quality of craftsmanship in the world. Its collections combine the manufacturing tradition with new processing techniques, creating creative and impressive solutions, all finished and carved by hand. The quality of the wood of every Savio Firmino furniture is indisputable: the color, the nuances, and the veins, immediately make visible the attention in the selection of raw materials.

Alicante bed - Savio Firmino - Casaitaliana - italyclassico.com

Alicante bed - Savio Firmino

Savio Firmino offers customization and tailor-made services for a long time, which adapt to the needs of the most diverse customers, who love the warm and harmonious sensations of the lines of this brand's furniture. Many of Savio Firmino's loyalists are great politicians, such as Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, or are Hollywood VIPs or football stars, such as Sharon Stone, Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas and Michael Owen.

 Savio Firmino bedroom composition - Casaitaliana - italyclassico.com

Savio Firmino bedroom composition