Import is the synonym of modernity and trend: I 4 Mariani arrives in China

Nowadays, when the trend is buying low-quality products, people are always willing to buying imported products, even for every day-use, such as furniture, or they tend to purchase less products of the same brand. “Import” has become synonym of a modern and fashion society. Concerning furniture, how much do you know about imported furniture? How many furniture brands do you know?

The Italian furniture company, I 4 Mariani, was founded in 1957. Since the beginning, I 4 Mariani designs and produces long-lasting lined furniture such as chairs, wardrobes and sofas. Every product is made according to single requests and it is the result of an accurate selection of materials and of an attentive care for details.

Chairs and table Moore | I 4 Mariani | Casaitaliana

Chairs and dining table Moore by I 4 Mariani

Imported brands products are now appreciated by everyone. On 13th December 2017, in the context of the Excellence Century Center Building in Qingdao, China, this products brand was purchased and Casaitaliana completed the delivery and the installation of some products, such as chairs and office desks by I 4 Mariani.

Chairs and office desks by I 4 Mariani

Desk Kefa | I 4 Mariani | Casaitaliana

Modern office desk Kefa by I 4 Mariani

Desk Kefa | I 4 Mariani | Casaitaliana

Modern office desk Kefa by I 4 Mariani

I 4 Mariani pays great attention to the details and the quality of its products. A modern and advanced technology, together with a handmade production, makes leather and lined products quality even more outstanding. The high quality of I 4 Mariani products makes them become resistant and artistic creations.

Bookcase Grid | I 4 Mariani | Casaitaliana

Modern bookcase Grid by I 4 Mariani

I 4 Mariani uses advanced production technologies and a high-quality manufacture, found in all products by I 4 Mariani. Its products reflect a “absolutely the best quality” design. A responsible approach in choosing materials and in the production guarantees resistance and solidity in every product.

Staff at work | Casaitaliana

Our staff during the delivery and the installation 

If you want to know more about I 4 Mariani brand and wish to purchase some products, visit our website and contact us!