Jumbo Collection, the "enlightened" luxury

The living room is the place where the home owner's aesthetic taste is revealed; the main protagonist of this scenario is, without any doubt, the sofa. A different living room corresponds to as many different styles of furniture, and as many sofas. During the design of modern houses, the planning and coordination of space is added to the residential functions of the house; the living room and the sofa complement each other, bring out the personality of the environment and can create a feeling of openness and domestic warmth for those who enter.

FRE-42C - Jumbo Collection - Italyclassico

FRE-42C - Macrame' Fregate Collection - Jumbo Collection

On 22 September 2016, Casaitaliana took care of the delivery and installation of the products of the Italian brand JUMBO COLLECTION. The products we dealt with this time include Jumbo collection coffee tables, sofas and lounge furniture, and MARINER brand’s cabinets. The reliability of the Casaitaliana service and the quality of the products have allowed us to establish a pleasant cooperation between Casaitaliana and our customers. The furnishing objects we are committed to deliver are all high-quality raw materials, created by expert and hand-crafted designers. The living room, embellished with these pieces of furniture, undoubtedly has more artistic and refined features, which transmit to the observer the taste of the owner and his attitude towards life.

LGD-43 LA GRANDE DAME - Jumbo Collection - Italyclassico

LGD-43 LA GRANDE DAME - Domus Collection - Jumbo Collection

The entire living room highlights the elegance of the architectural structure and its temperament while, at the same time, underlines the aesthetic beauty and quality of Italian interior design; the aim is to create an environment with an elegant grace that stimulates the pleasure of the observers. The furniture is adorned with simple and precise lines that create a calm and serene atmosphere in the living room; everything is completed by the coffee table that adds liveliness to the entire room. In this way, the architectural beauty of the Italian palace is expanded, and the interior space of the rooms is enhanced.

Double sofa and coffee table - Jumbo Collection - Italyclassico

Double sofa and coffee table - Jumbo Collection

The goal of Jumbo Collection is to continuously improve the art of handmade furniture and implement and promote the concept of "Made in Italy". Every detail of the sofa has been carefully studied from the design point of view to create an overflowing atmosphere of luxury.

ASS-43b ASSUAN - Jumbo Collection - Italyclassico

ASS-43b ASSUAN - Macrame' Assuan Collection - Jumbo Collection

Fine design fabric with embroidered trimmings, fresh and elegant, solid wood and refined materials.

ASC-21 - Jumbo Collection - Italyclassico

ASC-21 - Regency Day Collection - Jumbo Collection

It is not exaggeration or pomposity, but only the taste for beauty. Soft colors and delicate incisions reveal sweet feelings of grace. The workmanship is exquisite and perfect, the curves are graceful; they are the synthesis of the long history and tradition of Italian furniture.

The carving at the table legs is exquisite and the table is simple and solemn, while he marble shelf makes the furniture even more luxurious.


LE MARAIS - Mariner

Nowadays, what you are looking for in a home is no longer just the simple place to live; the house reflects the soul of the family that lives it, for this reason, the furniture is the symbol of the owners' style and life. Style, on the other hand, is not so much given by the standard of living, but a realm of life, the realm of spiritual elevation.