Some products that will help you furnish the perfect living room!

On 30th March 2017, Casaitaliana completed the delivery and installation of some products at some villas in the Chinese province of Jiangsu. The products installed this time are from some famous brands such as Giorgetti, Cattelan Italia, EmmeBi, Maxalto, Flos e Patrizia Garganti. The majority of the products installed are created according to customers’ requests: what Casaitaliana always focuses on.


Giorgetti furniture’s design, always supported by Casaitaliana, takes into consideration the number of people in the family. Giorgetti actually produced some 12-persons living room tables as well. Made with marble, leather or plate glass: these three materials give the Giorgetti table some unique features, creating a convivial and warm atmosphere, where to gather with the whole family.

Meeting table Gordon | Giorgetti | Casaitaliana

Meeting table from the Gordon collection by Giorgetti

Table made with plywood, marble, leather and plate glass

Ø250 cm x h73 cm

Cattelan Italia

Variations for this cupboard are many. Three varieties and three different styles.

The combination of wood, ceramics and plate glass for the Cattelan Italia furniture is unexpected. From the combined manufacturing of these three materials, a new product is created, with a smooth surface, like a mirror and with different shades that give the final product a standable contrast.  

Cattelan Italia was born in 1979 in Venice, thanks to the strenous work of Giorgio Cattelan and his wife Silvia. Thanks to their unexpected design and unconventional manufacturing, the Cattelan Italian products have a great success in the American, European and Far East markets.

Cattelan Italia collaborates in close contact with designers and architects from all over the world like Yoshino, Plazzogna and De Longhi. Thanks to Giorgio Cattelan’s incessant commitment, Cattelan Italia now sells in 100 different countries and furnished some famous places in the world like some luxury hotels and cruises, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, the Opera theatre in Helsinki and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Nowadays, Cattelan Italia is the perfect example of an Italian successful company working in the furniture industry.

Cupboard Europa Keramik | Cattelan Italia | Casaitaliana

Cupboard made with wood, ceramics and plate glass from the Europa Keramik collection by Cattelan Italia

230 cm x 48 cm x h73 cm


“123456789”: let’s play like kids thanks to these EmmeBi numbered small doors, accustoming our children to counting and having fun at the same time. This modular container is produced according to customers’ requests. Even its dimensions and the number of small doors are customizable.

Modular container Toolbox | EmmeBi | Casaitaliana

Modular container from the Toolbox collection by EmmeBi

Made with wood and aluminum

121,5 cm x 52 cm x h80 cm

Cattelan Italia 

This cupboard with natural veining by Cattelan Italia is produced with oakwood, in order to support every customer’s taste and style.

Cupboard Nebraska | Cattelan Italia | Casaitaliana

Cupboard from the Nebraska collection by Cattelan Italia

Made with oakwood, plate glass and polymer

147 cm x 45 cm x h84 cm


Entering your living room, you need to lay down a bit and relax. This chaise longue by Maxalto ensures the laziest people the best rest. Maxalto’s experience for luxury and modern furniture brought its sofas, armchairs and chaise longue to life.

Chaise longue Febo '15 | Maxalto | Casaitaliana

Chaise longue from the Febo ’15 collection by Maxalto

Made with steel, polyurethane, polyester, aluminium, wood and feather

174 cm x 96 cm x h79 cm


A lamps star, this Flos wall lampi is not going to give its first place to anyone else. The classical style of its components and their unique shape make the surroundings even fuller of intimacy.

Wall lamp Clessidra | Flos | Casaitaliana

Wall metal lamp from the Clessidra collection by Flos

76 mm x 242 mm

Patrizia Garganti 

Another shining star is this lamp by Patrizia Garganti, which combines all the fundamental characteristics of the modern Italian style. Thanks to metal and leather, Patrizia Garganti’s lamps create an equaled play of contrasts. Patrizia Garganti doesn’t agree with mass production. Actually, all of her products are customized. Every customer is a precious source of inspiration for her.

Lamp N05A1 | Patrizia Garganti | Casaitaliana

Metal and leather lamp N05A1 by Patrizia Garganti 

63 cm x 63 cm x max 110 cm

The products described above represent some of the latest trends in the furniture industry. Every brand is made of a company that, with its hard work, tries to satisfy its customers’ needs, producing customizable goods.