Savio Firmino: the Florentine tradition in China

The present era is characterized by a colorful society, still individualist. Even for the furniture choice, all families rely on trends. Everybody wants a romantic, fashion furniture that protects the environment and is good for the body; and here comes a help from Savio Firmino! In the living room, having a distinguishing sofa creates a positive atmosphere and also the perfect bed helps guaranteeing the best rest.

On 2nd March 2016, Casaitaliana completed the delivery and installation of some products at some residences in Beijing, China. The products delivered this time by Casaitaliana are the Savio Firmino handmade furniture, like the bed and two bedside white tables which has been really appreciated by the customers for their refined and high-quality style.

Residence in Beijing

Hongkun Linyu Residence in Beijing

According to Savio Firmino, the wood is an alive material that transmits different sensations and respect. The wood becomes alive thanks to the artisans’ dedication and to details’ care. In every Savio Firmino product, the tradition and the long experience are combined together with a pure feeling. Savio Firmino focuses on its products’ quality, using a high-quality wood together with precious materials like the gold. All this guarantees to Savio Firmino products a unique design and distinctive features.

Wooden bed with golden decorations

Children’s bed by Savio Firmino


Dimensions:192 cm x 208 cm x h 151 cm

Wooden bed and bedside tables

Children’s bed and bedside tables by Savio Firmino

Beechwood and white high-quality wood

Bedside table dimensions: 54 cm x 36 cm x h 65 cm

Wooden bed with stuffed beadboard

The golden details enhance Savio Firmino furniture. The golden finish on wood gives an additional charm, thanks to the precise manufacture on the plaster and to the use of polish. The golden sheets can be divided into pieces, obtaining a better result.

A special natural glue is applied on the refined wood. Thanks to a technological manufacture, the golden sheets perfectly adhere to the wooden surface. After applying the golden sheets, here comes the product polishing. This is the most delicate step that requires high precision and care for details. The more the process is long and slow, the better in quality the final product will be. This is what distinguishes all the Savio Firmino products.