Minotti and Poliform: sobriety in the modern minimalist style!

On April 16, 2018, Casaitaliana has completed the installation and delivery of some products as part of the project for the furnishing of the housing units of the Hongshuxi'an residential complex in Shenzhen! The products delivered this time are Minotti dining tables, Poliform chairs and cushions and leather stools. The refined and innovative design of the furniture products, and the dedicated and patient service of the staff, have won the sympathy of all customers!

The Hongshuxi'an residential complex of Shenzhen was born from the design of great masters of architecture; it is located close to the Chinese coast and in an area where the blue of the sky and the sea blends with the green of the natural landscape; in that area are also located the business intelligence of the city and the most luxurious houses in southern China. A luxury place for luxury furniture! Their choice to rely on Casaitaliana for the delivery and the installation of furniture means the choice to rely on quality products and on a service of proven experience.


Minotti table and chairs


The successful collaboration between Casaitaliana and many luxury properties once again confirms our strength and professionalism. In this case, moreover, the customer was not only very satisfied with the Minotti and Poliform furniture products received, but also praised the speed of our delivery service and the meticulousness of the Casaitaliana staff during the installation of the products.


Casaitaliana's staff


Casaitaliana's staff

MINOTTI dining table:

Minotti brand’s most distinctive characteristic is the ability to combine the concept of original Italian design with exquisite traditional craftsmanship and modern production techniques; the result is the creation of luxurious and comfortable modern furniture.


Minotti table

Material: polyurethane, metal, wood

The design is simple, the color sober, and the solid wood seems to create a sense of stability and high quality.


MINOTTI dining chairs:

The key feature of Minotti products is being a perfect representative of the "Made in Italy" concept. Today, tradition and technology are perfectly integrated into this concept. The craftsmanship of the work processes makes the products of modern mechanized production more delicate, while the expert hands of master craftsmen confer precision and a sense of delicacy.


Minotti chairs

Dimensions: 54 * 55 * 82

Material: wood, cotton, polyurethane


 The gray chairs for the dining table are, of course, high-end products. They have a stable structure, while the inclination of the back has been cured to ensure and improve comfort. The legs of the chairs, thick and solid, make the chair more stable.


POLIFORM small table:

Poliform is an Italian home furnishings company and a leader in the international furniture industry. He pursues his own style of design, simple and solemn, avant-garde and classic, and has always kept a careful eye for the modern lifestyle. Poliform is a brand that has its roots in modern simplicity and combines the luxury and the Italian style.


Poliform table

Dimensions: 170 * 55 * 70

Material: metal, wood


By constructing a particular structure, the exclusive structure of the center of gravity with three supports reveals the strict aesthetic concept of Poliform; the table top with artistic veins is unique.


POLIFORM leather stool:

Poliform has always considered the attention on quality as a sacred mission. Poliform firmly believes that only what is simple and practical is perfect and eternal. For this, Poliform wants to create the perfect combination of art and practicality.


POLIFORM leather stool

Dimensions: 56 * 35.4 * 38

Material: leather


The legs of the stool, straight and clean, are balanced in proportion to the lines, while the thin cutting and sewing details show the exquisite processing capacity. The structure combines elegance and stability, while the high-quality leather materials are a guarantee of a timeless classic.