Versace: furniture as a luxury product. A successful experiment?

On 4th June 2018, Casaitaliana completed the distribution and the installation of some products of the Zhongxin Junting project in Shanghai. The products sent and installed in this occasion are Versace sofas, footrests and armchairs. From jewels to perfumes, from clothes to home furniture, Versace products trend dominates every aspect of life. Versace home furniture series, famous all over the world, represents the luxury aesthetics as well. With Versace, home furniture becomes a unique and pure trend!

Versace sofas, footrests and armchairs

Seeking Versace home furniture is something really common nowadays, thanks to the multi-colored visual effect released. Versace furniture has also a bit of ostentation and the unique and abundantly promoted design has an almost intimidatory impact.

Modern sofa and footrests

Versace sofas

The multiple-wefts design creates an endless, beyond imagination splendor. At the same time, Versace sofas assume a unique style, that only belongs to Versace. Together with natural-colors cushions, the shining-tones Versace sofa creates a strong visual effect, providing a refined and luxury taste as well.

Modern sofa

Sofa’s dimensions: 2300x1200x780


The unique-details design provides the final product an added value, giving the sofa a luxury style without being too ambitious. The peculiarity of the Versace sofa makes the presence of Versace luxury furniture even more evident.

Sofa detail

Versace logo

Within the Versace home furniture collection, the brand logo is not present. The mysterious head of Medusa seems to be a fixed topic for all the Versace furniture: a charming woman and a colorful but extremely fascinating look.

Sofa detail

Versace footrest

The unique Versace jewels and decorations best represent the innovative nature of Versace luxury style. The fine and symmetrical design and the flowing lines reflect the endless pursue of Versace for luxury and high quality. 


Footrest’s dimensions: 400x400x400

This Versace collection sofas, footrests and armchairs, with refined materials, sparkling colors and a mysterious design combine the traditional and neoclassical luxury style with contemporary trends. Versace’s goal is to transform its decorations into luxury furniture, maintaining brand’s exclusivity and inimitability.

Casaitaliana currently collaborates with more than 3900 European furniture brands, thanks to the success of its platform that allows to ship imported materials and furniture to China. Regarding furniture and lifestyle, Casaitaliana passes down Italian design, art and culture. If you are interested, please contact Casaitaliana or the retailer to know all the product details!