Don’t forget to furnish your bathroom!

The bathroom is an essential part of the house. When furnishing, we always pay attention on choosing the perfect furniture for the living room or the kitchen, often ignoring bathroom’s products, which are fundamental as well. An orderly and clean bathroom provide its inhabitants a welcoming place, where we can spend the first part of the day. The bathroom is actually the first place we bump into, so choosing the perfect furniture is extremely important.

On 15th November 2016, the Qinfengya Jingxuan in Shanghai purchaised some European-imported bathroom furniture and Casaitaliana completed the distribution and the installation of some products, above all some Agape and Boffi products. This successful collaboration allowed Casaitaliana to build with its customers a strong partnership.

Modern bathroom composition

Minimalist and modern composition of a bathroom in a bedroom by Agape 

Qinfengya Jingxuan in Shanghai is an architects company famous in Singapore and known as SCDA. The company perfectly combines the Chinese design with some Western style elements, drawing inspiration from the Asian-style residences created by Bell Gaolin Design, a well-known international company. 

The products installed this time by Casaitaliana are Agape and Boffi bathroom furniture. Agape’s long tradition gives birth to a bathroom with a different style, that distinguish itself as an excellence in this industry, thanks to a wide range of products. With a continuous research and an incessant innovation, Agape’s product design combines aesthetics with functionality and technology. Since its constitution, Agape’s operational cornerstone is to develop an innovative and flexible design and a refined style, using latest generation’s materials. 

Bathroom suite

Bathroom suite with tub and wash station by Agape

Agape’s bathroom furniture is not corrosive and is made of natural materials. In 1926, Agave becomes the official furniture supplier of the Italian royal family. For almost 100 years, Agape’s furniture is used by all royal families, becoming one of the most required collector’s items.

Modern details

Modern details of a European style bathroom by Agape

Boffi was born in 1934 and at the beginning of the 40s the first factory is founded. Focusing on an endless innovation and maintaining the high quality of its products, Boffi currently represents kitchen’s and bathroom’s world. With famous Italian products, Boffi is committed to creating high-quality kitchens and bathrooms.

Modern sink and bathtub

Modern style bathroom sink and bathtub by Boffi 

Boffi’s sink tabs are a radiant product, easy to clean but at the same time of high quality. 

Modern basin

Modern basin by Boffi 

The quality of Boffi’s ceramincs bathroom furniture combines the comfort of a resin toilet bowl with the aesthetics, simplicity and beauty of a natural room, paying constant attention to the whole look.  

If you are interested in imported bathroom products like the ones described above and would like to buy some products, please contact us and we will provide you further information about the product you are interested in.