European ceramics? Choose the top brands

What are the most famous ceramic brands in Europe? Following the increase in consumption of this type of product in recent times, many entrepreneurs choose to importe ceramic brands intertwining with each other. In today's markets, many of these brands claim to be original imported ceramics, but none of them can compete with the original European ceramics. Many companies choose to move manufacturing to countries like Malaysia or Thailand where the workforce for ceramics production is cheaper, and then imports the products into the Chinese market considering them to be the original ceramic; but they cannot stand comparison with ceramics imported from Europe. What are the European ceramic brands that we recommend?




The international success of the Italian brand IMOLA CERAMICA comes from its unique combination. Since the participation in 1884 at the Turin International Exhibition, the synergy between art and industrial production has always been the key of the IMOLA CERAMICA’s leadership; this is what has made this company the representative of Italian manufacturing in the world.


KARAK, Austria


The ceramic artist Marta Rauch-Debevec has been working on the technology of intensive cooking for the last twenty years. The graphic designer Sebastian Rauch loves to trace imaginative patterns on his computer, while the technical skills and knowledge of the production process of product designer Thomas Rösler amalgamate the past and the future of manufacture in an exclusive product marked KARAK.




Thanks to the special techniques of DIDIER CABUY, we can have the most natural, authentic and beautiful ceramics. "Eternal and unique" is the thought of ceramic purists who believe that its productions are the best.


The European ceramic brands not only offer products of excellent quality, but are also promoters of aesthetic culture and lifestyle. At the world's most influential events on the market and lifestyles, such as the Nobel Prizes or the Ideal Home Show, the most refined ceramics are used to dictate new trends, guide consumers and turn life towards a new era.