With a classical-style Italian sofa you will never be so at ease!

Everyday life is always a bit chaotic and the stress level is high. Coming back home exhausted you need a comfortable sofa on which you can lie down, relax and activate all the positive energy you have inside your body! Choose a perfect sofa is essential since your level of happiness will increase as well! 

The case: 19th October 2018, Yutianxia project in Beijing

Natuzzi sofas for the living room

Natuzzi sofas are the equivalent of comfort, low profile and reliability, without being outrageous. Natuzzi sofas are elegant and pure, soft and embracing. Their cold and simple look allows more relaxation, making you forget about the stress of your working day.


Natuzzi employs a simple design and high-quality materials, creating an elegant fabric sofa. Moreover, all the possible combinations give the Natuzzi sofa an unusual look, guaranteeing a smart use of the product and a better overall spaces distribution.


Every Natuzzi sofas component has an electronic remote controller that allows you to set the perfect incline you desire. This so-conceived design gives your sofa an extra comfort.


Imagine yourself lying down on the sofa; every single part of your body is immediately relaxed, thanks to a unique design that allows you to transform your sofa into a comfortable bed, just like a diamond that can be shaped and always looks astonishing!


An elegant style and a multiple functionality are a whole in Natuzzi sofas. The selected materials and the high-quality lining make the sofa soft to the touch and comfortable to seat on.


The seatback incline can be meticulously set, so that you are at complete ease. The wide armrests perfectly suit your arms and give you a complete sense of relaxation. 


The case: 22nd October 2018, the Zhongnanfu project in Dalian

Natuzzi sofa and armchair

The Natuzzi leather is soft, comfortable and also resistant. A thin layer of transparent protective membrane is added on top in order to prevent from discoloring and erosion, maintaining at the same time its beauty and its natural qualities.


The quality of Natuzzi products is showed in high-quality fabrics and leather, in a low-profile but unique design, in a precise manufacturing and in a severe quality control. Natuzzi sofas are the equivalent of a high-quality product, both inside and outside.


Natuzzi continues following the traditional technology and an always innovative manufacturing, reaching nowadays a high sales volume, thanks to an excessive attention to details and an excellent quality guarantee.


Calligaris dining tables and chairs

Calligaris is a famous Italian brand located in Manzano, northern Italy. Calligaris products are luxurious, with a modern and fashion design. Every Calligaris product is the perfect balance between shape and functionality. Calligaris places itself in a top position in the worldwide furniture industry.


With a precise style and a refined taste, Calligaris is always searching for new materials, an advanced technology and an innovative design, in order to create user-friendly furniture.


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