Transform Your Garden with Dedon’s Outdoor Furniture

The German brand Dedon manufactures stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture that will transform your garden into a cozy and elegant shelter.

Dedon is more than a simple company that manufactures outdoor furniture, the brand represents an instinctive and passionate way of interpreting the exteriors of home. Every Dedon’s chair, table or sofa expresses a unique experience, while the modularity of the compositions offers endless possibilities to make room for your own imagination. Dedon has already become the true point of reference at the global level in the manufacturing of outdoor furniture. The company uses an original hand-woven fiber that is not only resistant to rain, frost, sun and sea water, but also manages to maintain colors and texture. The company creates unique and original open-air spaces, inspired by travels and far-away exotic countries. Make your garden unique and cozy with exclusive Dedon’s furniture.

Dedon | Brixx sofa |

BRIXX outdoor sofa by Dedon. Discover more!

The story of Dedon actually begins in a hospital bed in Munich in 1990 when Bobby Dekeyser, a promising young football star, was recovering there from a devastating hit in the face. When he was lying in the hospital bed, he decided to change his life completely, leaving professional sport to pursue his lifetime dream and to start his own business.

Dedon | Dala collection |

Discover more about DALA collection by Dedon

When visiting Cologne furniture fair in 1991, Bobby Dekeyser discovered whickered rattan furniture from the island of Cebu in the Philippines. He was so impressed by their traditional techniques, that he decided to fly to the Philippines at once to learn the art of wickerwork. When he returned home six months later, Dedon became an outdoor furniture company. In that period together with his uncle Seppi, an expert in plastic extrusion, Bobby developed a unique synthetic fiber resistant to sun, water, wind and frost. This resistant material was just perfect for the manufacturing of high-quality outdoor furniture.

Dedon | Tango outdoor collection |

TANGO Collection by Dedon. Shop right now!

The basis of Dedon’s international success is its unique patented highly durable fiber called Hularo, which is produced at Dedon’s headquarters in Northern Germany. The properties of this unique fiber are constantly developed in the company’s laboratories under constant monitoring. Dedon’s highly qualified technicians create new mixtures to produce different colors and textures. Created several years ago, this fiber is still unique and original, it represents the highest standards of quality and design in the field of outdoor furniture production. The material is washable, extremely resistant to salt water, wind, sunlight, high and low temperatures. Besides, it is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic material produced using recycled plastic.

Dedon | Tibbo outdoor collection |

Take a look at TIBBO outdoor collection by Dedon

Dedon’s collections are completely handcrafted at its own factory on the Philippine island of Cebu that is considered a real Mecca for the traditional art of handweaving. Each article manufactured there is a unique hand-made piece of woven furniture. Dedon’s weavers work more than two weeks on some pieces. More than three thousand people work with the company in accordance with its main philosophy: Only a satisfied employee can invent a comfortable chair. 

Dedon | Swingrest hanging lounger |

SWINGREST hanging lounger by Dedon. Buy right now!

Swingrest is one of the first products created by Dedon’s creative group in the Philippines in the collaboration with the designer Daniel Pouzet. Swingrest takes its inspiration from the extra-high ceilings of the resort’s villas. Borrowing the basket-like bottom from his earlier creation, Nestrest, Pouzet has managed to create an original piece that’s no less enchanting and even more spacious. Beautiful yet unpretentious, luxuriously comfortable yet remarkably practical, Swingrest is distinguished by the purity and simplicity of its concept. With Swingrest, the French-Romanian designer has created the perfect hideaway for swinging and relaxing on the terrace or veranda, in the garden, or under cover of your favorite tree.

Dedon | Nestrest hanging lounger |

Find out more about NESTREST hanging lounger by Dedon

Netrest hanging lounger can be considered one of the most famous Dedon’s designs, created for the company by Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety. This model has already established itself as an icon of contemporary design. Its real appeal lies in the supreme comfort and cocoon-like feeling of protection it affords. This suspended shelter, rocking to and fro with the breeze, becomes that special and secluded place you’ve always dreamt of. You can hang it from the tree or choose a free-standing version that can be easily placed anywhere. Nestrest is a secret hiding place fit for a modern garden where you can rest after a long day of work, just leaving behind all the chaos and the stress of the contemporary life. It offers you a unique experience of nature and open-air lifestyle.

Dedon | Tigmi outdoor collection |

Get inspired by TIGMI outdoor collection by Dedon

Undoubtedly, TIGMI is one of the most comfortable pieces ever created by Dedon. Hand-woven by DEDON’s master weavers in an open, semi-transparent style, TIGMI’s roof evokes the improvised, palm covering of a beach hut. As light and shadows play across the interior, you can be transported to a holiday state of mind, as if staying at the beach bar of a rustic resort. Enclosed on three sides, TIGMI establishes a shared viewpoint that reinforces this communal experience, perfectly fulfilling DEDON’s mission of bringing people together to enjoy life outdoors.

Dedon | Mbrace outdoor collection |

MBRACE collection by Dedon. Discover more!

Mbrace collection was created by Sebastian Herker, an upcoming young German design talent. This collection takes a joyfully unconventional approach to poolside furniture, bringing together the seating in the patented Dedon’s fiber and the base in solid teak wood for the very first time. The result is an eye-catching and elegant collection. The series includes a lounge chair, a wing chair, a rocking chair and a footstool. The name of this collection perfectly describes its main concept: inviting you to relax and to feel comfortable and secure, the sensation that is given by a hug. This furniture series has clean and simple design, inspired by Scandinavian style, besides it’s extremely comfortable, elegant and functional. It has everything you could possibly need for a summer by the poolside or in the garden.

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