The Best Interior Design Styles of 2019

7 styles, 7 different personalities. Discover the best interior design styles of 2019 and choose your favorite!

Are you thinking of repainting or redecorating your home and looking for some inspiration for interior design? There are many styles you can choose, from the Scandinavian minimalist to the cozy and rustic country style. Here is a brief summary of the main interior design styles in vogue this year, to help you clear your mind and choose the best!


Although the Scandinavian interior design was born in the 1950s, this style is becoming increasingly popular and seems to never go out of style, even in 2019. The Scandinavian/Nordic style is characterized by clean and simple lines, with minimalist design furniture but also extremely functional. Including the use of natural materials, such as leather, wood and cotton, this timeless interior style works beautifully in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Scandinavian interior design is closely connected to the Danish concept of hygge (click here to find out what the hygge style is). Choose Scandinavian style if you want to create a cozy, simple and totally quiet atmosphere.

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The industrial style has its roots in the cultural revolution of the 1980s, when New York became the real capital of fashion and design, giving new life to old industrial buildings and adapting them to residential use. In those years the type of industrial style accommodation became a huge interior design trend, characterized by a mix of different furniture with a vintage look, and is recovering. The industrial style is characterized by clean and modern lines, with a masculine and minimalist touch. The industrial style makes extensive use of raw and untreated materials, such as stone, steel, brick, and brass. This style is not recommended for small houses, as this type of furniture usually requires ample space to harmonize dark colors and bulky furniture.

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The vintage style is an excellent solution for those who like to collect objects from flea markets. Far from being old-fashioned, this unique style is incredibly versatile and eclectic. Those inspired by vintage style enhance antique furniture or create new ones, always adopting the same lived-in look. If you are a lover of this style, you could also opt for some current collections, created by revisiting vintage furniture.

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The minimalist style became popular at the beginning of the 20th century and still remains one of the main furnishing trends. Initially influenced by the simplicity of Japanese design, the minimalist style applies the "less is more" principle. Minimalist interiors are reduced to their essential elements and spaces are intentionally left empty. We often tend to confuse this style of modern interior design with a total lack of intimacy and comfort. The minimalist style, on the other hand, is full of simplicity and elegance. Suitable for those who don't want to overdo it and keep a clean profile throughout the house.

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Shabby chic is a wonderful interior design style that has gained enormous popularity in the mid-80s. Some people consider this style as "granny" furniture. Shabby chic, on the other hand, has its roots in ancient and vintage French design and finishes. Soft and slightly feminine design, the shabby chic style harmoniously combines elements of traditional style with some touches of country style. The shabby chic style still manages to remain one of the main trends in interior design, thanks to its unique ability to combine different design elements, making the furniture fresh and fashionable. Its elegance may seem casual and effortless, while in reality even the smallest detail is carefully planned.

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If there is an interior design style that will never go out of style, it is undoubtedly the country style. Like any other style, it can hardly be suitable for everyone. Some may prefer more modern and minimalist settings, while others prefer an elegant classic atmosphere. When designing country style interiors, intimacy and warmth are the main features. The country style is rooted in different traditions: English, French, Italian or Scandinavian, but all are united by love for the rustic and the organic. Country-style interior design is simple in the heart. You can add more depth by modernizing it and enriching it with some personal touches, but it will still retain its purity and authenticity. Choose natural neutral colors and shades for your modern country interiors to keep your home warm and welcoming. No modern country-style interior design is complete without natural elements. If you want to create a truly rustic style, opt for materials like linen, cotton, wood, wicker and wool.

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One of the most timeless and timeless interior design trends is bohemian furniture, usually associated with people with a free spirit and a nomadic lifestyle. These modern globetrotters express their personal philosophy of unconventional life and without rules. Their exceptional and extravagant individuality is also reflected in the interiors of their homes. These lively and exuberant environments have given life to this unique design style, also known as "boho" or "boho-chic". The bohemian style boasts a mix of exotic and ethnic inspirations, harmoniously combined with vintage and antique elements. The boho style also loves playing with vibrant colors and rich, extremely bold and extravagant motifs. The interior of a boho-style apartment looks messy, as this style often mixes different colors and a variety of elements such as pillows, rugs, exotic odds and ends and vintage items, but the end result will surprise you.

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