Top 6 Bookshelves Perfect for Your Books

Choose one of these six bookcases to keep books and memories, and bring a touch of modernity to your home.

In the living room, reading is one of the most popular activities. Having a modern, functional and orderly bookcase is the desire of every good reader who respects himself. Why not combine the beauty of a design library with the need for order? Each of the brands presents offers modern bookcase designs that have their signature and a creative style that can be integrated into a modern design environment.

Former is a modern furniture brand that produces modular and avant-garde furniture. The modular Set System by Former adapts to all furnishing needs, thanks to the flexibility of the compositional modules, which can create an unlimited number of compositional solutions. The Set System compositional modules allow, in fact, to obtain custom-made furniture with open or closed compartments, folding or sliding doors, inserts with tops and much more. The Set System bookshelf is available both for the wall and to be learned in the center of the room.

Former | Set System bookcase |

Opt for the simplicity of Former's Set System bookshelf

Lago is an Italian brand specializing in the design of design libraries. With Lago, the bookshelf becomes an agile line to draw on the wall. LagoLinea is equipped with an innovative side suspension system and offers maximum freedom of expression in the living area. The absence of structural constraints makes it possible to create modern deconstructed bookshelves in which the shelves support each other, assuming unexpected inclinations that defy the force of gravity and that adapt to the spaces in a natural way, playing with shapes and colors. An idea that brings movement throughout the room!

Lago | LagoLinea bookshelf |

Create personalized lines for your living room, with the LagoLinea bookshelf!

The creations by Forme di Sophia have a profound hidden meaning. Reading makes us free and with Catena, a design bookcase, Forme di Sophia wants to clearly recall the rings of a chain that is partly broken by a steel blade that becomes an allegorical and supporting element. Books represent freedom and Forme di Sophia certainly celebrates it in the best way.

Forme di Sophia | Catena bookshelf |

Celebrate freedom and choose Forme di Sophia's Catena bookshelf

Interlübke is a furniture brand specializing in the design of customized shelving systems in which each color and size can be customized. To meet the needs of space and modularity, the Interlübke Grid system is designed to be mounted upright or to the wall, choosing from a multitude of colors and various inserts. The smoothed walls and shelves give the grille a delicate appearance despite its extreme stability. Back panels, shelves and side panels can be individually colored in any shade, giving vent to the most absolute creativity!

Interlübke | Grid bookcase |

Unleash your creativity with Interlübke's Grid bookshelf

Dieffebi is a furniture brand specializing in the design of modern metal furniture. This eco-friendly brand offers elegant shelves, shelves, lockers and more. Dieffebi interprets bookshelves as elements capable of interpreting and enhancing environments, with an original design and great flexibility of use. All the bookshelves, including this cWave bookcase, are made of steel or aluminum with a powder coating and guarantee an extremely solid and stable structure while maintaining a reduced thickness that emphasizes the essence of their design. Their modularity allows you to create large or small compositions in various environments: be it offices and living rooms.

Dieffebi | Cwave bookcase |

Opt for Dieffebi bookshelves and choose the modularity you prefer.

Extendo is an Italian furniture brand that produces elegant and high-quality Made in Italy furniture. The bookshelves offered by Extendo are highly-modular pieces, finely designed and with a modern touch. The Extendo collections, including the From> to collection, offer impeccable modern bookshelves and use only fine materials. Steel and oak MDF make From> to a modern and design bookshelf, customizable in different colors, to create a more colorful or simpler piece of furniture.

Extendo | From>to modern bookcase |

Choose the modernity and quality of Extendo's From> to bookshelves

Functionality and design are the leitmotifs of all the brands presented above. Many possibilities and endless combinations… you just have to give vent to your creativity and choose your favorite one!

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