The latest trends from Moooi’s world

Here are some of the most famous and recent products of the Dutch brand Moooi.

Moooi is one of the main international companies to mention absolutely when it comes to luxury interior design. This famous Dutch brand takes its name from the Dutch word "mooi", which means "beauty", with the addition of another "o". Founded in 2001 by Casper Vissers and Marcel Wanders, Moooi seduces and inspires the world with his extravagant and unique creations. What is the secret of Moooi's international success? Find out how to transform your home by adding some of its most famous products.

Moooi's art director, Marcel Wanders, described Moooi's main philosophy as follows: "We don't tell designers what to do, we listen to what designers want and we try to make their dreams come true". This concept is perfectly reflected in the brand's furniture and lighting collections. Moooi creations are playful, unique and extravagant, and always on the edge of cultural interest and commercial reality.

The Zio lounge chair is the perfect example of how a simple structure can actually create a unique product. Zio is the perfect chair to relax at the end of a stressful day. The structure is in solid oak and its main characteristic is the smooth and wooden armrests, perfect for letting your arms fall in total relaxation.

Moooi | Zio dining chair |

ZIO Chair by Moooi. Buy now!

Moooi specializes in the production of design furniture, lighting and home accessories. Thanks to a unique blend of extraordinary products, Moooi manages to create extravagant and original interiors, full of bright colors and rich motifs, which masterfully combine the character of ancient traditions and the freshness of modern times.

Moooi | PAPER PATCHWORK Cabinet |


Paper Job by Studio Job is a new member of the renowned Paper collection by Moooi, which celebrates classic forms and a material with infinite potential: paper. Majestic, the Paper Patchwork cabinet imposes a strong and original presence. Massive and light at the same time, this extraordinary contrast is due to a subtle harmony of lines and materials: papier-mache strips and parts of wood veneer are glued to a honeycomb cardboard structure that gives shape and rigidity to the structure, creating a very elegant overall graphic effect. The paper is stain-resistant and anti-moisture painted.

Moooi | Altdeutsche cabinet |

ALTEDEUTSCHE Cabinet by Moooi. Find out more about this unique design

One of the most extraordinary products offered by Moooi is undoubtedly this Altdeutsche cabinet, created by Studio Job, a European design company. The complete Altdeutsche collection includes a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a clock, all created with hand-painted designs that give life on the surface to a mysterious message to be decoded. This collection represents the essence of beauty and the mystery of life. This collection is perfect for both classic and contemporary interiors and for those who want to add an extravagant and personal touch to the environment.

Moooi | Dandelion suspension lamp |

DANDELION Chandelier by Moooi. Buy this unique chandelier

The Dandelion chandelier was created by Richard Hutten, a talented Dutch interior designer. The design of this extraordinary collection of lamps was inspired by the temporariness of the dandelion. Just as the wind blows on the stems of this flower, the Dandelion chandelier manages to convey an explosive sensation of energy in motion. This dynamic and modern design is perfect for a large, contemporary environment.

Moooi | Cloud Sofa |

CLOUD Sofa | Moooi

The Cloud sofa was created by the company's co-founder, Marcel Wanders, and perfectly expresses his extravagant and unique style. This sofa is a delightful vision of rounded shapes and softness, which recall the typical qualities of a cloud. This unique design can be customized, choosing from a wide range of colors and patterns. The Cloud sofa manages to convey the feeling of being seated on a soft white cloud that resembles cotton candy.

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