How to choose the right lamp for every room

Each room in the house requires a specific type of lighting. Discover how to combine the perfect lamp with the perfect furniture.

Lighting is one of the most important components of furnishing, but it is also one of the most mistaken elements. Very often, without even realizing it, when choosing the light points you make mistakes, excessively illuminating an environment, or leaving some corners of certain rooms too dark, or perhaps making a mistake in the choice of style and color. However, every room has its function and its needs, and every factor must be taken into consideration: from the dimensions to the furniture, up to the tastes of those who furnish it. Let's discover together how to find the perfect light for every single room, and create a truly impeccable interior design.

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In the kitchen

When designing kitchen lighting, we must not forget that it is an operating environment, with a very specific function. The aesthetic component, therefore, although important, must always be placed slightly in the background, with respect to the functional component, fundamental in a room like this, which is not only widely used but is also strongly subjected to water and heat.

The hob is the part of the kitchen that needs to be lightened with more care, to allow the necessary cleaning operations and to avoid unpleasant accidents. In general, however, brightness is one of the most appreciated features in a kitchen, especially if it is not very spacious as it helps to increase the perception of space. Then opt for different light sources, adding spotlights or sconces to the main chandelier, like those of LoftYou.

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In the dining room

The main advice for the dining room? Avoid a system with only indirect light, especially if it is a large room because the light is dispersed and does not allow enough lighting for the table, which is the protagonist of the room. Try also to avoid spot-oriented spots from areas adjacent to the table, because they can cause disturbing glare. Not even to the colored light on the table, which distorts the perception of the dishes. Among the possible solutions, it is advisable to use a floor lamp located near the dining table. If you want a chandelier, choose one that it’s as long as the entire table, not to leave any areas in shadow.

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In the living room

The living room is the place where you can spend relaxing moments and receive guests for evenings with friends. It is, therefore, necessary to avoid both the lighting levels that are too high and those that are too low, as well as spots oriented towards the sofa, to avoid an unpleasant glow. Better to prefer rather appliques that create a softer light and atmosphere. In spaces characterized by so many different colors, avoid the multicolored lights - they can create further “chromatic confusion” -, in favor of neutral shades, while in environments decorated with light colors, such as beige, cream or white, it is appropriate to create situations of shadow/light to break up the tones and give character to the environment through a bit of contrast.

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In an open space kitchen

In the case of a kitchen open to the living room, care should be taken to think of lighting as an addition to the existing, and preferably diffused, space of the open space. We have already mentioned how to use spotlights on work surfaces and on stoves would be a clever idea, accompanying them with other direct lights like the one on the dining table or, possibly, on the peninsula. A lighting system with multiple sources, therefore, to be composed according to specific needs and aesthetic tastes will be the winning solution for your kitchen.

Among other possibilities, you can think of using a chandelier that falls on the table or several smaller pendant solutions that, in addition to illuminating, can also serve to visually separate the functions of the environment. In this way, it will be enough to turn off these lights to give back to the open space its natural atmosphere of relaxation.

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In the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most complex environments to furnish, especially when it comes to lighting design. In this room, the entire area must be lit with equal intensity. This goal is usually achieved with the use of minor light sources. It is good to understand how many lighting points are needed and which is the best place to install them: the bathtub, the shower, the sink, and the mirror must be adequately illuminated. The mirror, in particular, deserves more attention: it is advisable to direct an intense light towards it, without however placing it directly above, so as not to create annoying shadows or reflections. If you have a bathtub, consider installing a light regulator, so you can adjust the atmosphere for moments of relaxation.

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In the bedroom

When designing lighting for the bedroom the mistake that should be avoided is to exaggerate with watts. In fact, the room is often illuminated as if it were a study or a kitchen, with abundant and direct light. This choice does not suit the rest function of this environment and its atmosphere of intimacy. To obtain sufficient brightness, but not excessive, it is better to insert different light sources with different characteristics. For a good combined solution, next to small appliques placed on the sides of the bed, you can place a table lamp or a floor lamp. As for the central chandelier, if you really want it in this room of the house, it is better to focus on a model that is not too big with one or more opalescent diffusers. In this way, it will always be possible to adjust the lighting level of the room.

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