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June 26, 2018, Buji Keyuan project by Casaitaliana in Shenzhen, southern China

Solid wood, classy coatings and functionality. These are the keywords that characterize all the products delivered in China during our latest project.

In the dining room, the absolute protagonist is the Porada Bryant table, available in round or oval (extendable) version. The structure is entirely in solid oak or canaletta walnut. Porada has always stood out for its love and its continued dedication to wood and its preservation. A solid wood table does not matter any further decorations; the natural veins of wood, in fact, make it unique for its simplicity.

Porada | Project in China | Casaitaliana | |

BRYANT Dining table | Porada

Alongside with the simplicity of wood, it is not wrong to opt for more "demanding" chairs, such as Aura by Smania. The essentiality and comfort of this chair lie within its simple and refined shapes. Aura is part of that classic decor that mixes with taste. The alternation of slender wood and refined leather creates an elegant and persuasive product.

Smania | Project in China | Casaitaliana | |

AURA Chair | Smania

Among the various furniture for modern living rooms that are characterized by the stylistic mix between classic and modern taste, Beverly 240 is certainly the ideal choice. This sofa by Smania becomes the protagonist of an intimate and decorative dimension. Beverly is in fact a modular sofa, also available in the elongated corner version.

Smania | Project in China | Casaitaliana | |

BEVERLY Modular sofa | Smania

Next to a leather sofa, it is possible to opt for a cooler but still refined material like marble. Smania and Rugiano propose two tables very different from each other but united by a common elegance and rigor. Moon 130 by Smania is a round coffee table, very low, with marble top. The top is a perfect circle styled in a geometric style. Rugiano's Tourbillon, on the other hand, is available in three different sizes and features an extremely elaborate metal structure and a Carrara marble top.

Smania | Project in China | Casaitaliana | |

MOON 130 Coffee table | Smania 

Rugiano | Project in China | Casaitaliana | |

TOURBILLON Coffee table | Rugiano

In the bedroom instead, the double bed Modo by Novamobili stands out for its padded headboard without buttons which gives it a refined character. The base, also padded and with a rounded shape, is also available in a basic version with a disk through which the base of the mattress can be raised. Practicality, functionality and modernity in a single product.

Multi-tasking furniture with a unique design: this is Allout bedside table, also by Novamobili. Minimalist in its cylindrical shape, surprising in the possibility of exploiting all the interior space and simple in its materials. The upper part can also be used as a practical support surface.

Novamobili | Project in China | Casaitaliana | | italyclassico.comNovamobili | Project in China | Casaitaliana | |

MODO Double bed and ALLOUT Bedside table | Novamobili

This project by Casaitaliana is based on the modern and minimalist style, with sober-toned furniture and a simple and bright design, to reflect the refined luxury of Italian furniture.

If you are interested in the products above or want to ship your furniture to China thanks to the service offered by Casaitaliana, do not hesitate to contact us!


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