Grey bathroom: a timeless trend

Among the most popular colors, when it comes to bathroom coverings and furnishings, grey certainly has a place of honor. Read the advice of Casaitaliana for your grey bathroom!

A grey bathroom is elegant and refined. It goes with every style of furniture, satisfies every taste, and is easy to make: there are many shades available - ash, anthracite, grey, dove grey, platinum -, and just as many are the accessories and accessories for the bathroom that the market offers in this color. Not to mention the floors and walls, of every price and type.

In this article we will see how to make a modern grey bathroom, but also a grey and white bathroom (which is the combination of colors that is the most popular). We will provide you with practical tips and inspirations to help you create an environment that reflects your needs and desires.

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All the advantages of a grey bathroom

Making a modern grey bathroom means making a classy choice. And also opt for a very popular solution. What are the benefits of choosing grey for your bathroom? Certainly, its versatility. A grey bathroom is a neutral bathroom, which can be furnished with a multitude of colors: white, black, but also very bright colors such as orange, purple, green, blue, yellow.

Furthermore, grey is suitable for different uses. It is not only perfect for furnishings, complements - starting with mirrors - and monochromatic bathroom accessories: together with white and black, it is also perfect for decorative floors and wall coverings, perhaps with geometric patterns.

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How to use grey in the bathroom

What can grey be used for in a bathroom? First of all, for floors and walls (but also for walls, if you choose to use a simple painting). A grey parquet, a porcelain stoneware, tiles to compose a mosaic: grey is a perfect outline for white and furniture sanitary ware of the most varied colors. But also for wooden complements, with light shades.

Or you can choose the grey right for the furniture, taking care to select the right shade for the style you want to obtain: dark grey for a minimalist style, dove grey for a shabby-chic effect, silver for a classic style. The preferred materials? First of all, wood, but also MDF (which is a derivative of wood, and which is cheaper) or PVC, a plastic material often combined with marble or glass.

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The perfect coatings for a grey bathroom

The cladding for a grey bathroom is a refined, classy coating, capable of giving the room a relaxing environment. You can choose to leave the walls "naked", treating them with an impermeable and anti-mold paint: you can choose pearl-colored, smoke-colored, dove-grey walls, to combine with traditional white sanitary ware; or, you can choose a tone on tone, playing with different shades of grey for the upholstery and for the bathroom fixtures and/or furniture.

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Alternatively, you can choose a grey bathroom coating that points on the tiles. Easy to clean, resistant to stains and moisture, you can find grey tiles of different styles and sizes, monochrome or decorated. Or you can choose a coating in natural or reconstructed stone, or in ceramic or - alternatively - the mosaic, especially beautiful as a coating for the shower. How to use it? If the environment is small or dim, it is better to opt for pearl grey dowels; if the room is large and well lit, the smoky grey has a beautiful effect.

If you then want to give your grey bathroom an even more elegant look, the perfect coating is marble. The travertine marble, above all. And if you do not have sufficient budget available, it will be enough to cover only a few parts for an equally prestigious result.

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Ideas for a grey and white bathroom

Among the most common color combinations, we find the grey and white bathroom. If the first is a neutral, refined color, the second gives the room an extraordinary brightness. The most banal solution is to use grey for the floor and white for the walls, whether they are treated with paint or coated. Or the two colors can be mixed. Such as? Covering part of the bathroom with a mosaic with white and grey tiles - perhaps alternating with glass, for an effect of greater luminosity - or with white-tiled tiles with grey decorative motifs.

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As the grey can solve the "problems" of a bathroom

Grey is not just beautiful or decorative: if properly used, it can be used to solve some problems that the bathroom suffers from. For example, if the room is not regular, a grey bathroom coating - which is in continuity with the flooring - gives the perception of a more compact and uniform space. What material do you prefer? The mini tiles, very similar to the tiles of a mosaic. Or, with grey you can make a very small bathroom special: it can be used to create a play of light and shadow, as a chromatic base for very original walls if you opt for a matte shade, to be lighted then with colorful touches, maybe even fluorescent. Because a grey bathroom is above all an original bathroom.

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