The elegance of marble in furnishing

Marble is one of the most chosen materials in the building field, due to its properties and functionality. Discover how to use marble to furnish your home.

When you have to furnish the house, marbleis a sought-after solution that many would like to adopt. Precious material, inspiration for artists and architects since time immemorial, it gives a special touch and rare beauty to any domestic environment. With its majestic, resplendent appearance, with its veins and natural colors, marble is a precious material that has always been preferred for its solidity and durability; but it is also a very delicate material due to its porosity, therefore it has the property of absorbing liquids and has the tendency to stain itself irreversibly.

This is why we must ponder the choice in the different environments, complying with the style and care of the home of those who live there. For many it could be considered impractical and practical for home use, especially in environments where it is frequently exposed to various types of aggression (kitchen and bathroom). Furnishing a home with marble means wanting to create a setting of class and elegance.

STATUARIO | Infinity | The elegance of marble in furnishing | Casaitaliana |

STATUARIO | Infinity

How to choose the most suitable marble?

Many consider marble furnishings as a traditionalist choice, made for elegant spaces in classic style. In reality, the strength of this material also lies in its versatility: even in modern and contemporary homes it can become an ally, if used in the right way.

First of all, we say that there are many types of marble in nature, each of which is characterized by particular nuances and colors. Depending on the type, marble takes on a different color and texture depending on the mineral impurities present including clay, sand, iron oxides, silt, flint. White marble is the result of calcification of rocks without impurities. It is possible to divide the marbles according to the origin, appearance and color, in the following most used types:

Types of marble | The elegance of marble in furnishing | Casaitaliana |

Some of the best known and most used types of marble.

The most popular is the Carrara marble, appreciated for its white color and elegant gray veins, and black marble. The marble triumphs above all in the kitchen and in the bathroom, but also in the furniture, in the accessories and in the furnishing complements. White marble is practically combined with all colors and materials, while black marble is best when combined with metals such as copper and brass.

CLASSIC FILLED BRUSHED | Dervi Stone | The elegance of marble in furnishing | Casaitaliana |


Marble should be chosen based on the size of the environment, style of furniture and color of the furniture. For example, a black or dark marble should be preferred where the rooms are large, to void the shrinking effect. While if you have chosen dark furniture the suggested combination is with a light marble. Bold are the red or green marbles, with which it is possible to play for obvious contrasts with the furniture.

Marble can have a classic but also modern style, depending on the surrounding setting. A good example: if you want to give a classic impression in the kitchen, you can choose a marble in shades of pink, yellow, orange; unlike a white or black marble, which is used in kitchens of modern design. The same applies to the bathroom, where usually, if one opts for marble, it is used both for wall coverings and flooring.

Marble pillars | MGM | The elegance of marble in furnishing | Casaitaliana |

Marble pillars | MGM

Modern use of marble

Moreover, in addition to furnishing a house with a marble floor, it is also possible to create numerous alternative, original and prestigious solutions. Since the bathroom has assumed a fundamental importance in modern homes, the marble skillfully used in furnishing can play a leading role. Where possible, it is applied as a highly effective coating, even on one or two walls only. In other cases, it can be selected to make the functional elements, such as the sink, the shower walls or the bathtub. In plain colors or with striking colors, with its square geometries or sinuous curves, the marble bathroom furniture gives the whole a well-kept appearance and timeless charm. This has allowed marble to enter the kitchen furnishings, for details or functional surfaces: not only kitchen countertops, but also marble counters, islands or peninsulas, shelves, shelves and tables.

DRAGON WHITE | Marmi Bruno Zanet | The elegance of marble in furnishing | Casaitaliana |

DRAGON WHITE | Marmi Bruno Zanet

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Marble

Among the advantages of the choice of marble for floors and walls there is certainly its majesty, its being a material so splendid to nature, capable of giving an appearance of class, value and elegance to any environment. Marble, unlike what one might think, is resistant to scratches and shocks and if treated with waterproofing products it is not so porous as to hold the stains.

Disadvantages of marble

Marble is a material that can easily get dirty, impregnating oils and other substances, up to compromising its beauty. Another disadvantage regards the fact that marble can create a sense of coldness and devoid of feelings and warmth, not really suitable for a house inhabited by children where warm materials are preferred and able to stimulate the imagination, growth and positivity boys. Among the disadvantages there is also the cost of this material, justified for its value, to which is added the cost of maintenance and cleaning.

Marble tiles | Gris Du Marais | The elegance of marble in furnishing | Casaitaliana |

Marble tiles | Gris Du Marais

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How to clean and polish marble

How is it possible to polish and remove marble to give it new life? There are many methods of staining marble, we see the most effective and do-it-yourself ones.

- Not only abrasive substances, but also water can dull the marble, making it lose its luster. One of the most effective methods for staining and polishing marble is to use hydrogen peroxide, wetting a damp cloth and then rubbing it on the stain. Hydrogen peroxide has the power to extract dirt from marble without attacking it.

- Bicarbonate is another valid solution to give new life to your own marble. Just mix a few tablespoons of baking soda with water, creating a sort of delicate abrasive paste capable of removing dirt. Baking soda also has a polishing effect.

- Marseille soap is used where more energetic action is needed. This detergent is natural and is used by soaking a soap sponge and passing it over the stain to be removed. When used together with baking soda, it will have an abrasive and detergent effect together. Only thing, be careful not to rub too hard, otherwise you risk scratching it.

SILK LIGHT | Freri e Brignoli | The elegance of marble in furnishing | Casaitaliana |

SILK LIGHT | Freri e Brignoli

Today marble has become the object of the desires of designers, who use it to create furniture and objects of great trend, but not only: marbled upholstery, marble-effect porcelain stoneware, marble-like laminates and other materials that mimic the unmistakable veining sprout everywhere. Therefore even those who do not wish to resort to the expensive and delicate stone can find valid alternatives.

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