An ethnic living room: find out how to make it

Casaitaliana's ideas and tips on how to furnish an ethnic style living room.

The house reflects the personality and tastes of those who live there. People who love to travel and discover the particularities of the places they visit, appreciating all the details of culture, folklore and tradition of the people they meet, often want to bring with them some of the exciting experiences they have experienced. And so, the apartment becomes the place in which to welcome some glimpses of the places already visited or that you would like to visit. Home furnishings in ethnic style respond to this thirst for knowledge and, at the same time, to a precise taste for design. So, to furnish the living room and make it as close to your style as possible, follow Casaitaliana, where you will find many ideas and ideas for a comfortable and welcoming living area.

MAHJONG | Roche Bobois | An ethnic living room: find out how to make it | Casaitaliana |

MAHJONG | Roche Bobois

The furnishing of the ethnic living room is a particularly widespread and shared choice because it responds to the desire to bring home a corner of the world. It is not only the ideal decision for professional travelers, but it is also an excellent opportunity for enthusiasts who cannot move. The ethnic furnishing styles are particularly in vogue and allow the reception of furnishing objects from all over the world.

BOMBO | Oscar Maschera | An ethnic living room: find out how to make it | Casaitaliana |

BOMBO | Oscar Maschera

One of the golden rules for impeccable ethnic furniture is to always create strong contrasts between modern and ethnic elements. This contrast concerns colors, dimensions and materials. For example, if our modern furnishings include light walls and furniture, ethnic objects will be dark (in this case the African ones are ideal, such as tribal masks or the typical statuettes of very dark wood tending to black). Conversely, if the walls are dark or colored, the contrast with light or white objects (such as paper chandeliers with a Chinese and Japanese flavor) is harmonious. Also the contrast between the dimensions of the objects plays its part: for example, next to a modern sofa (low), we will place a bamboo floor lamp (high); next to a wardrobe (large), we will put a wicker basket (small). Finally, the contrast between different materials. The most classic is that between wood (warm, dark) and stone (cold, clear), which immediately give a welcoming and familiar atmosphere. In any case, the goal is to create a visual balance between the elements of the environment that can make it more pleasant.

SHUFFLE | &tradition | An ethnic living room: find out how to make it | Casaitaliana |

SHUFFLE | &tradition

For modern ethnic furnishings you can consider the items purchased during travel, perhaps linked to particular memories, or buy them in specialized shops. Not only furniture, but also carpets, curtains, cushions, vases, boxes, bowls, candles, and also plants and flowers: all objects, even the smallest ones, have the power to evoke a particular atmosphere. A floral fantasy, for example, immediately returns to a Japanese environment; a decorated lantern, in the atmosphere of Morocco and northern Africa; a gilded statuette to Indian temples. Let us not forget the power of the objects to hang on the walls: especially if your walls are clear and without special decorations, the application of canvas, paintings and ethnic tapestries will fill the empty space giving life to the spaces. The subjects are many, from oriental floral prints to African landscapes with typical warm tones.

Candle holders | Korb | An ethnic living room: find out how to make it | Casaitaliana |

Candle holders | Korb

The living room is one of the most lived-in areas of the home. Those who love the warmth of wood and the intertwining of wicker and rattan can create a welcoming and elegant environment by playing on the shapes and colors of furnishing accessories and accessories. Sofas, tables, chairs and bookcases, but also TV cabinets modern and functional, they are the most sought-after furnishing accessories for furnishings that are both ethnic and modern at the same time.

HUDSON | Poltrona Frau | An ethnic living room: find out how to make it | Casaitaliana |

HUDSON | Poltrona Frau

Each style of furniture always reflects the personality of those who choose it: here then a shabby-chic style home represents a desire for romance and simplicity, the one in feng shui style a passion for oriental cultures, the one in boho-chic style instead it reflects a gypsy and bohemian personality.

To furnish the living room in ethnic style, you can use a pair of cushions in silk shangthun, entirely handmade by Indian artisans. Choose bright shades like orange and red or pink and purple. If you prefer Moroccan patterns, embellish your sofa with cushions with the typical decorations of that people. We also suggest the same style for the lanterns to hang in the living room.

ECCLESIASTICS BOTANICA | Kit Miles | An ethnic living room: find out how to make it | Casaitaliana |


Surely among the most sought after and common elements of furniture in ethnic style there are the textiles: carpets, sofa-covering scarves and bedspreads are often found in apartments in modern style with which they marry perfectly. Oriental, in the Indian style, with tribal images or with references to Egyptian hieroglyphics does not matter. Even the ethnic lamps and above all small or large ornaments are very popular. More or less discrete objects that differ in style from the surrounding context.

INTIMACY | Rug Star | An ethnic living room: find out how to make it | Casaitaliana |


Once you have given your ethnic décor the personality you want and you will have become experts in combining different elements harmoniously, consider adding objects from different cultures. If you love traveling and collecting souvenirs from all over the world, it will be nice to place them in your home to best reflect your lifestyle. The first rule, however, is not to exaggerate with the number of elements: very few objects are enough to give your home a modern ethnic appearance. Furthermore using few objects reduces the possibility of creating confusion, thus obtaining the opposite result to the desired one.

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