Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!

Colorful, ironic, light, resistant and easy to clean: plastic enters in our homes with revolutionary design furniture!

Over the centuries, the materials used for the construction of the houses, the furnishings and the accessories have evolved more and more from the classic woods and metals to the first plastics, up to the current materials that are more and more technological and full of features that make them unique. Today, in fact, more and more objects and more and more elements are made of plastic material.

The furnishing accessories made of plastic are increasingly present in our homes, because they are colorful, ironic, light, resistant, easy to clean and remain unchanged over time. They are able to "modernize" the more traditional furnishings and create a pleasant contrast if combined with vintage furniture. They have an original design that focuses on shapes and colors, transforming even the most banal elements into pieces of great personality able to connote the environment in which they are placed. In addition, the materials, especially the most innovative, guarantee intense colors or plays on transparencies, also make maintenance easier (a simple wipe with a dry or damp cloth depending on the case and the frequency of cleaning). Another advantage is represented by the prices, generally, contents, and by the possibility during the good season to use them without problems also on the terrace or in the garden.

Original ideas for an effective home, using plastic furniture. Light, functional, resistant, handy and manageable furniture, made of materials such as polyvinyl, polyethylene or recycled PET, which thanks to advanced technologies can become the cult pieces of the home. Often perfect also for outdoor use, they are an example of how plastic is also capable of being used by the design world.

Modern design is increasingly turning from plastic, enriching it with a name, meaning and an indispensable function. Let's find out what are the most particular design objects made of plastic. Practical, functional, light and modern, the plastic furniture makes our spaces unique, simplifying life on the one hand.

GOTHIC | Moooi

GOTHIC chair | Moooi | Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! | Casaitaliana |

GOTHIC chair | Moooi

The Gothic chair by Moooi is inspired by medieval vintage chairs that can be found in castles and European strongholds. The wood, typical of medieval chairs, has been completely replaced with light and colored plastic materials, while the metal studs have been replaced by contrasting buttons.

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SIGN MATT chair | MDF Italia | Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! | Casaitaliana |

SIGN MATT chair | MDF Italia

The Sign Matt plastic armchair by MDF Italia designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, besides being objectively beautiful, is also very comfortable. Printed in rotation and glossy painted, it is a piece of furniture that finds its place in all contexts. Thanks to its matt finish, available in five different shades, it fits harmoniously into any environment, both internal and external. Its unique and original shape clearly characterizes open spaces such as gardens, terraces, parks, arcades, beaches.

BABÀ | Domitalia

BABÀ chair | Domitalia | Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! | Casaitaliana |

BABÀ chair | Domitalia

If you want to customize the environment with plastic chairs, the Babà chair is the right proposal for your home. This proposal allows you to perfectly customize the interiors of the home and make the rooms livable according to the most personal needs. This plastic model will transform any room into an elegant place to live and exhibit. The Babà chair, designed by Domitalia, is characterized by a personal design and has been designed to generate new horizons of design-style functionality. A current and excellent proposal among Domitalia chairs, a bespoke project designed to freely shape the furnishing of its premises.


AIRBALL sofa and armchair | Plust | Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! | Casaitaliana |

AIRBALL sofa and armchair | Plust

Airball armchairs and sofas derive from the "Gumball" family, of great scenic impact and suitable for environments where strong personality solutions are needed. The perforated surface "empties" the objects and gives a new lightness to this type of furniture.

UPGRADE | Diemmebi

UPGRADE chair | Diemmebi | Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! | Casaitaliana |

UPGRADE chair | Diemmebi

The plastic armchair is original but also very functional and becomes a stepladder when needed. Upgrade by Diemmebi designed by Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari has become the company's amusing icon, and is also a much sought-after piece of furniture not only in a residential environment but also in the contract area, both for indoor and outdoor environments.


BUBBLE CLUB sofa | Kartell | Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! | Casaitaliana |

BUBBLE CLUB sofa | Kartell

A true icon made in Kartell, the Bubble Club sofa, in mass-colored polyethylene, was the pioneer of a new concept of furnishing complement: the industrial sofa made entirely of plastic. Together with the armchair and the coffee table, made in the same finishes and colors, Bubble Club is today a real family, an "industrial living room". Thanks to the exceptional resistance to atmospheric agents, all three components of the Bubble line live perfectly outdoors and are ideal for decorating a garden, a swimming pool, a terrace.

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