Savio Firmino: for a luxurious and romantic bedroom!

Discover the Savio Firmino products delivered in China by Casaitaliana

On 3rd December 2018, Casaitaliana completed the distribution and installation of some Savio Firmino products as part of the Yunjin Oriental project in Shanghai.

Founded in 1941, Savio Firmino is synonymous throughout the world with quality, experience and innovation. Respect for tradition, use of cutting-edge techniques and high quality: these are the cornerstones for Savio Firmino. Attention to detail, traditional craftsmanship and continuous search for innovative solutions make Savio Firmino products unique in their kind.

Double bed | Savio Firmino | Project in China | Casaitaliana | |

Double bed | Savio Firmino

The classical tradition is reinterpreted by Savio Firmino according to the different housing needs, even in the bedroom. In fact, Savio Firmino products are never copies of the past. Starting from the tradition, the search for innovative, elegant and high-level solutions is always continuous.

Bedside table | Savio Firmino | Project in China | Casaitaliana | |

Bedside table | Savio Firmino

All Savio Firmino furniture takes inspiration from the Florentine tradition, dating back to the Renaissance. Adhering to the traditional style and with decorations made entirely by hand, the Savio Firmino furniture is more than unique in everyone's eyes.

Desk with chair | Savio Firmino | Project in China | Casaitaliana | |

Desk with chair | Savio Firmino

Even in the study furniture, Savio Firmino's design is perfectly recognizable. Few decorations, pure and sinuous lines, soft and pure colors and unique materials like wood: simple elements that make the tradition of Savio Firmino unique and inimitable.

Chest of drawers | Savio Firmino | Project in China | Casaitaliana | |

Chest of drawers | Savio Firmino

The bedroom is in complete balance. Thanks to the use of the same colors and the same texture, the general environment is certainly in harmony. Wood is the heart of the brand's production; the exclusive use of solid wood creates a noble visual experience and also becomes synonymous with guarantee, quality and durability.

Wardrobe | Savio Firmino | Project in China | Casaitaliana | |

Wardrobe | Savio Firmino

The combination of carved and shaped solid wood, decorations with gold leaves, polishing and finishing of wood will surely make you fall in love with all Savio Firmino products.

Savio Firmino has an international vocation and aims to spreading the values of the Italian and Florentine tradition in the world. Thanks to this Casaitaliana project, Savio Firmino products have also reached China!

If you are interested in the products described above or want to ship your products to China thanks to the service offered by Casaitaliana, do not hesitate to contact us!


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