Shabby chic: modern romanticism in vintage style

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An increasingly popular style: shabby chic (literally "elegantly shabby") is a type of furniture in which the furniture is "old style", for example of antiqued metal but not of antiques. As if they had just been recovered from the grandmother's attic, with the classic signs of wear that make them retro and a little romantic. The shabby chic atmosphere is very soft, relaxing, with soft colors: white dominates but all pastel colors like pink, ivory, blue, lavender, beige and light gray coexist.


Shabby chic furniture does not have a particular shape (as is the case with other styles of furniture) but a well-defined color: they are old (or fake old) repainted with light, "ruined" specifically. But be careful, because the overall effect is anything but shabby: with great attention to detail, not only in the furnishings but also in the accessories and in the small decorations down to the smallest details.

Shabby chic furnishings, to be absolutely perfect, must also be rich in friezes, inlays and ornaments, because only then can you evoke the soul of this romantic style. It is not necessary, however, to buy from scratch: the beauty of shabby chic is to recover creatively what you have at home or what you find in the cellar, in the garage, at the market, even in the street, because what has been abandoned as an old object can become a treasure in your home. Recycling and creative recovery above all!

L'Oca Nera lamp | Shabby chic: modern romanticism in vintage style | Casaitaliana |

L'Oca Nera lamp


They can also be just the "suppelletili" to suggest this sweet effect: a pickled photo frame, a wrought iron vase holder, strictly white, or light fabrics with soft floral prints. Even vintage utensils displayed in the kitchen, linen curtains and aunt's lace, cushions embroidered by grandmother, classic chandeliers with glass drops, white porcelain combine to make a shabby chic home. Even the cut flowers displayed in old time-worn tin containers suggest this particular and increasingly adored style.

Shabby chic kitchen | Shabby chic: modern romanticism in vintage style | Casaitaliana |

Shabby chic kitchen


The shabby chic style is certainly the most suitable for furnishing the bathroom. In fact, the colors of the colors, soft and with a Provencal aftertaste, give a sense of cleanness and seem to convey the smell of lavender and Marseille soap. For these reasons many people choose it and it is certainly one of the most suitable for furnishing the bathroom.

Wall with exposed brick effect

Covering the wall with ceramic glass tiles or fake bricks is one of the furnishing obsessions according to the shabby chic style. In each case the color must be absolutely white. The "exposed masonry" effect will give a pleasant feeling from a country home, giving your bathroom a country chic allure that goes well with the shabby chic style.

Marazzi bathroom | Shabby chic: modern romanticism in vintage style | Casaitaliana |

Marazzi bathroom

White wooden furniture

The quintessence of shabby chic style is bleached wood or white painted furniture, especially those for the bathroom. If you want a delabré effect that smells of life, choose the whitening technique to have an exquisitely vintage result. But even a cabinet with a sink in mango wood painted in chalk white will be lovely. The natural stone top will complete the package, guaranteeing a really high level of refinement.

Green in the bathroom

A self-respecting shabby chic bathroom has an oxygenated decor from the plants, therefore oxygenated both inside and outside the metaphor. In addition to being optimal as an environment for the well-being of a plant (thanks to the humidity that characterizes this interior), the bathroom is also aesthetically perfect to become a green corner. Place a couple of lush vases, a few bunches of wildflowers to put in a jar and a couple of stems to immerse in the water in a transparent glass ampoule: together with oxygen you will breathe pure refinement!

SINGLEFLOWER vase | Carlo Moretti | Shabby chic: modern romanticism in vintage style | Casaitaliana |

SINGLEFLOWER vase | Carlo Moretti

Floral prints

One of the most important chapters of the shabby chic style is the one that features the squares with dried flowers or drawings of natural varieties taken from the pages of old botanical books. However we know very well how the humidity that you can have in the bathroom ruins the paper and the applications of dried flowers, so it is good not to hang these goodies on the walls. However, you don't have to give up the glamorous touch of petals and corollas, you just need to find an alternative idea that manages to integrate the beauty of the designed flowers into the toilet. An example? The curtain for the bath or shower with floral prints that mimic the lapis line.

Two-tone for an assured elegance

A shabby chic bathroom does not like chromatic kaleidoscopes but prefers total color or two-tone. The latter is the most pleasing to the eye and therefore makes the interior even more relaxing. Among the paired shades preferred by the shabby chic code, an honorable mention goes to off-white combined with gray. This chromatic alternation will give a refined look to the bathroom without exaggeration neither in the shabby chic nor in the classic direction: the white-off white, maybe a little ruined for an even more retro effect, will be perfectly balanced by the icy elegance of gray.


The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, which is why it is a place that has to be taken care of down to the smallest details, paying particular attention to even the smallest details.

The headboard is an important part of the furniture and you can choose it in the forms and materials you prefer: wrought iron wires in the most imaginative or minimal forms, with padding or even wood, maybe raw and little worked to give to the room a rustic flavor. For the most romantic, the ideal could be a canopy that almost seems to frame the bed.

RAPHAEL bed | Cantori | Shabby chic: modern romanticism in vintage style | Casaitaliana |

RAPHAEL bed | Cantori

Another important element of the furnishing of the room is the chandelier: worked in a crystal waterfall or, again, in wrought iron bringing back abstract forms or flowers. The curtains on the windows must match the style of the room, so if pastel colors are used for the furniture it is better to do it even with the curtains using light materials such as veil or organza.

ALLURE chandelier | Masiero | Shabby chic: modern romanticism in vintage style | Casaitaliana |

ALLURE chandelier | Masiero

The bedspread and the cushions can be coordinated and the fabrics that are most preferred according to the season: cotton or fresh linen for the summer, goose feather padding for the winter season. On the sides of the bed you cannot miss the bedside tables on which you can place fancy lamps with classic or fancy taste. Usually these are also combined with a chest of drawers on which instead shabby chic frames or a large mirror can be placed.

Aztaro British cushions | Shabby chic: modern romanticism in vintage style | Casaitaliana |

Aztaro British cushions

Certainly white is the color par excellence, but if you are not convinced because you see it as a very delicate color, you can also opt for pastel colors, but always in shades of pink, cream ... And in case you didn't like the solid color there are also shabby chic style armchairs, but remember: opt for small and very delicate patterns, especially if there are already quite conspicuous pieces of furniture in the room.

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