Furnish your children's bedroom according to their personality with Dolfi

Do you want to furnish your kids' bedroom but don't know where to start from? Dolfi thinks about everything! Discover the complete collection and the products delivered by Casaitaliana.

14th July 2018, Casaitaliana project in Shanghai, at the Binjiang residence n. 18.

The children's room is a central environment for the growth of your children and must therefore be of high quality, safe and certainly welcoming. Dolfi is an Italian brand specialized in the production of children's furniture and enjoys a certain reputation in the sector. The furniture delivered in Shanghai reflects Dolfi's desire to create an overall environment that is cared for down to the smallest detail and is also suitable for the taste and personality of each individual child.

Therefore, choosing a piece of furniture based on the taste and personality of your child is also the fulcrum of Dolfi's thought, which in fact designed the collection "I Sogni di Matilde” (Matilde's Dreams): beds and furnishing accessories for all tastes, both for girls and for boys.

For an exuberant girl

Starting from the girls, Dolfi offers different models with different styles. For an exuberant girl, we could opt for an equally flashy and likeable design, like that of the Butterly bed. As the name suggests, Butterly has a very high butterfly-shaped headboard, which is then taken up also in the front legs of the bed, in the form of metal details.

BUTTERLY Single bed | Dolfi | Children's Furniture | Casaitaliana | en.italyclassico.it | italyclassico.com

BUTTERLY Single bed | Dolfi

The texture of the headboard is then repeated throughout the room, as the main leitmotif. The coordinated chest of drawers and bedside table reflect the butterfly-shaped metal decoration on the handles. Decorate everything with a large butterfly-shaped carpet and spring will always be in the room!

For a dreaming girl

A different but equally important model is Tiffany. This time the canopy bed is the star of the room. Accompanied by nice heart-shaped ottomans and a large wardrobe with mirrored doors, Tiffany is the perfect bed for a big dreamer.

TIFFANY Single bed | Dolfi | Children's Furniture | Casaitaliana | en.italyclassico.it | italyclassico.com

TIFFANY Single bed | Dolfi

For an elegant boy

Leone is the perfect model for an elegant boy. The high headboard and the ocean blue color express refinement and calmness. The silver details are also reproduced in the wardrobe, in the nightstand and in the coordinated chest of drawers. The room is completed by a large floor mirror and nice poufs of the same color.

LEONE Single bed | Dolfi | Children's Furniture | Casaitaliana | en.italyclassico.it | italyclassico.com

LEONE Single bed | Dolfi

For a quiet boy

A calmer atmosphere and certainly less of an impact for Leonard. The large headboard certainly has a strong presence in the room; however, the blue color dampens the tones and makes the environment more peaceful and relaxing. In this case, the chest of drawers and the bedside table also reflect the main color of the room. A nice, almost natural-sized bear will keep your child’s company.

LEONARD Single bed | Dolfi | Children's Furniture | Casaitaliana | en.italyclassico.it | italyclassico.com

LEONARD Single bed | Dolfi

In addition to the beds, Dolfi offers a vast range of furnishing accessories for your children's room, in addition to cradles, designed for newborns. From lighting to mirrors, from puppets to armchairs, from desks to wallpaper, Dolfi takes care of the well-being of your children in every way.

Discover here the other products by Dolfi and if you are interested in the products or want to ship your own products to China thanks to the service offered by Casaitaliana, do not hesitate to contact us!


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