Luxury and simplicity: a wide-ranging combination

Discover the recent Casaitaliana project in Shanghai

Luxury has become increasingly affordable for many. Since it is no longer a niche sector but an ever-expanding world, it is good to talk about luxury as an increasingly widespread and “popular” phenomenon. What is being created is therefore not an unbridled luxury, but a contained luxury in which the lines are simple, the colors soft and the materials exalted; in a nutshell, a luxury within the reach of many.

28-29th September 2018, Casaitaliana project at the Rongchuang Binjiang complex in Shanghai

The leading brands are certainly famous Italian brands, known all over the world and appreciated for their Made in Italy style and quality, like the protagonists of this project in China. Let's deepen the theory of this new "contained luxury" discovering some musts to be respected to have a luxury home thus simple and functional.

Colored sofa

The sofa, in leather or fabric, is the central element of the room as well as the true protagonist of the living room. A colorful sofa certainly adds light and relaxation to the environment, giving a touch of happiness that never hurts. The Budapest Soft sofa by Baxter, available in this light blue finish with velvet covering, is also an example of comfort and functionality. The large cushions rest gently on the low backrest, giving softness to the entire structure.

BUDAPEST SOFT sofa | Baxter | Casaitaliana | |

BUDAPEST SOFT sofa | Baxter

Marble small table

A marble small table is certainly a prominent element in the room. If you opt for a colored sofa, the table should serve as a support but should not create too much contrast with the rest of the furniture. Opting for a marble top can be the optimal choice to maintain the right level of elegance without falling into banality. The Bis small table by Longhi has a circular top available entirely in marble or with a glossy finish. The light blue veins of Bis take up the shades of the sofa, creating a play of colors that is not at all unpleasant.

BIS small table | Longhi | Casaitaliana | |

BIS small table | Longhi

Spacious sideboard

To stay on the theme and resume the style of the living room, Gordon by Longhi is what you need. A sideboard with a marble top, to take up the Bis small table, which is however large and extremely functional. The neutral-colored upholstery certainly reflects a contained luxury, but the texture on the surface makes the piece of furniture unusual, without overdoing it.

GORDON sideboard | Longhi | Casaitaliana | |

GORDON sideboard | Longhi

Functional dining room

What could be better than leather to express luxury and elegance? Combining these two elements with modernity, the Colette chair by Baxter is born. With leather upholstery and also available in bright colors, Colette will become the protagonist of the dining room. Cozy and comfortable thanks to the enveloping backrest and upholstered seat, Colette perfectly matches a marble table, like Romeo, also by Baxter.

COLETTE chairs and ROMEO table | Baxter | Casaitaliana | |

COLETTE chairs and ROMEO table | Baxter

Bed with a large headboard

A wide headboard makes the bed the heart of the bedroom and adds majesty to the structure. The Manhattan bed by Daytona is available with leather or fabric upholstery and represents the best luxury even in the sleeping area. The soft colors keep the whole thing more contained and less extravagant.

MANHATTAN double bed | Daytona | Casaitaliana | |

MANHATTAN double bed | Daytona

TV cabinet in solid wood

We complete the sleeping area with a versatile, extremely functional and entirely wooden TV unit. Guell by Baxter can be placed in the living room or used as a comfortable TV cabinet in the bedroom, and used also as a wardrobe for clothes. The maple solid wood decorations on the surface do not need further descriptions.

TV cabinet GUELL | Baxter | Casaitaliana | |

TV cabinet GUELL | Baxter

Having a luxurious but modern and simple environment is not at all difficult, and these products are the proof. Quality furnishings but simple and trendy design, classy materials but also functional: the requirements for a successful furnishing are fully respected!

If you are interested in the products above or want to ship your products to China thanks to the service offered by Casaitaliana, do not hesitate to contact us!


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