Alivar: minimalist and modern furniture

Discover the Casaitaliana project in China with some Alivar products

May 30, 2018, project by Casaitaliana at the China Resources residence in Wenzhou

The recent project by Casaitaliana in China saw the Italian brand Alivar as the protagonist, introducing furniture with a minimalist and modern style.

Alivar was founded in 1984 and represents one of the excellences of Made in Italy in the world. Alivar is a dynamic company, constantly attentive to technological evolution and research in the field of design and architecture. By proposing collections that touch all areas of living, the environment proposed by Alivar has a precise taste, it is a work in progress, not tied to the single product, but to the overall proposal. It is also for this reason that we have chosen to focus on the installation of multiple products, homogeneously matched by our designers. Let's find them out!

SWING sofa | Alivar | Project in China | Casaitaliana | |

SWING sofa | Alivar

This is the Swing sofa, with a base in solid oak or walnut and an internal steel frame. Whether opting for a leather upholstery or a fabric covering, Swing has a simple but unusual structure. The low backrest leaves room for large cushions. The service table, which completes and enriches the entire structure, is equipped with legs in chromed steel or black nickel and a top in heat-treated oak: useful, functional and resistant.

SIRIO coffee tables | Alivar | Project in China | Casaitaliana | |

SIRIO coffee tables | Alivar

The Sirio coffee tables system further enriches the living room, designed and conceived as a set of functional and at the same time unobtrusive support surfaces. The minimalism embraced by Alivar, which is then combined with extreme functionality, is well represented here. The cleanliness and simplicity of the marble top is in fact combined with the functionality provided by the small circular edge, giving life to a containing and certainly uniform top.

CÉLINE armchair | Alivar | Project in China | Casaitaliana | |

CÉLINE armchair | Alivar

A comfortable armchair, like Céline, completes the living room. Also available in wood, we opted for a structure in stainless steel with Peltrox finish to make the whole product lighter and almost floating. The facing and the visible stitching certainly create a strong visual impact, while the very high backrest gives the right comfort and a correct support.

BOARD dining table | Alivar | Project in China | Casaitaliana | |

BOARD dining table | Alivar

The centrality of marble as a chosen element for a minimalist furnishing accessory is also confirmed in the case of the dining table Board. Available in rectangular or square shape, Board has a marble top and a base in oak wood. Simple but clean and elegant design.

The neutral tones, not monotonous, proposed by Alivar convey elegance, calm and serenity to the whole environment.

Check out these and other Alivar products on our website! If you are interested or want to ship your products to China thanks to the service offered by Casaitaliana, do not hesitate to contact us!


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