Different styles for the same environment: can it work?

Furnishing your home with furniture of different brands and with different styles does not necessarily mean creating confusion, you simply need to know how to match the furniture in the right way. Find out more!

26th September 2017, Casaitaliana project at the Yandao international residence in Qingdao, China.

Furnishing your home with furniture of different brands and with different styles does not necessarily mean creating confusion, you simply need to know how to match the furniture with good taste. The installation of some furniture during the recent project of Casaitaliana is a demonstration of how the most varied styles can be adopted, giving life to a balanced and refined environment.

Let’s start from the dining room, a meeting place for a dinner with friends or for a family reunion. Opting for a simple table like the Filigree table by Molteni&C, with eucalyptus wood legs, can allow you to dare more in choosing the most striking chairs, lamps or accessories. The choice of a marble top also allows you to have an elegant and at the same time more durable surface. The option with the table extension mechanism makes Filigree even more irresistible.

FILIGREE dining table | Molteni&C | Casaitaliana | en.italyclassico.it | italyclassico.com

FILIGREE dining table | Molteni&C

Next to an undemanding table, you can choose to combine chairs with a similar finish. Rachele by Promemoria, for example, is available in leather, for a more classic touch, or in brown mahogany and seat with leather upholstery. This second version perfectly matches the tones of the Filigree table seen before.

RACHELE chair | Promemoria | Casaitaliana | en.italyclassico.it | italyclassico.com

RACHELE chair | Promemoria

Dark wood and few colors… it's time to give a touch of light to the environment! The unique Botti chandelier by Delightfull is certainly of strong presence and great visual impact, and it’s what it takes to break with the monotony of wood. The design is inspired by the American trumpet player Botti as a tribute to jazz music and the structure is made entirely by hand in brass and with a sophisticated gold-plated finish. Also available in the floor version.

BOTTI chandelier | Delightfull | Casaitaliana | en.italyclassico.it | italyclassico.com

BOTTI chandelier | Delightfull

Do you prefer more neutral tones but want something unusual? Opt for a chandelier with more classic tones but with a particular workmanship, which allows you to still have an unusual design element. The Opium chandelier by Forestier is the perfect example. Inspired by the oriental charm, Opium is made up of metal wires bundled together in different shapes and sizes, which create unique light effects.

OPIUM chandelier | Forestier | Casaitaliana | en.italyclassico.it | italyclassico.com

OPIUM chandelier | Forestier

Having a large living area with neutral colors and little liveliness, the addition of some unusual furniture, not very flashy but at the same time unique could be a good choice. Thanks to the use of onyx, a fine rock typical of South America, the top of the Gorky Onyx console by Longhi is fully illuminated and the effect is certainly stunning.

GORKY ONYX console | Longhi | Casaitaliana | en.italyclassico.it | italyclassico.com

GORKY ONYX console | Longhi

If, on the other hand, you want an extravagant but extremely functional piece of furniture, the choice of a coffee table or armchair can be a prominent element in your living room. The apparent simplicity of a marble coffee table is overturned in the Eccentrico table by Agapecasa. Simple yes, but unusual at the same time.

ECCENTRICO coffee table | Agapecasa | Casaitaliana | en.italyclassico.it | italyclassico.com

ECCENTRICO coffee table | Agapecasa

Sinuous lines and extravagant colors for the Ribbon armchair by Artifort. A real work of art exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. Available with coordinated footrest and in the most bizarre colors.

RIBBON armchair | Artifort | Casaitaliana | en.italyclassico.it | italyclassico.com

RIBBON armchair | Artifort

Is it possible therefore to combine different products with different styles in a single environment? The answer is yes. Thanks to these few suggestions, your home can certainly become unique; it is sufficient to choose similar colors and a few prominent elements, without the risk of choosing monotonous furniture.

If you are interested in the products described above or if you want to ship your products to China thanks to the service offered by Casaitaliana, do not hesitate to contact us!


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