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Natuzzi and Alf DaFrè in China with the recent project by Casaitaliana

On 2nd January 2019, Casaitaliana completed the installation and the distribution of some products as part of the international Wulin project in Hangzhou. The products delivered this time are by the famous brands Natuzzi and Alf DaFrè. Transform your living room and your bedroom with a few simple steps using refined and high quality products.


The Long Beach sofa is a modular sofa with thin armrests that leave room for a wide, soft and comfortable seat, able to guarantee unrivaled comfort. The elegance of the leather makes the product and the environment even more refined.

Long Beach sofa | Natuzzi | Casaitaliana

Long Beach sofa by Natuzzi

The Svevo coffee table is subjected to an anti-scratch and water-repellent treatment so as to create a highly resistant, hygienic and at the same time refined surface. The combination of several materials such as marble and wood gives the Svevo table an unusually unique temperament.

Svevo coffee table | Natuzzi | Casaitaliana

Svevo coffee table by Natuzzi

The combination of the Saturno dining table and the Pi Greco chairs, with sinuous and clean lines, makes the living room simple and elegant, practical and suitable for any style.

Saturno table and Pi Greco chair | Natuzzi | Casaitaliana

Saturno dining table and Pi Greco chairs by Natuzzi

From the Svevo collection, there is also the sideboard, with large and perfectly specular drawers. The Svevo sideboard reinterprets the classic style and respects proportions using innovative materials and leveling out the whole environment with rounded details and soft lines.

Svevo sideboard | Natuzzi | Casaitaliana

Svevo sideboard by Natuzzi


Since 1960, Alf DaFrè has been involved in the design and production of wooden furniture for the bedroom. Its superb technology has received praise from many customers, allowing Alf DaFrè to grow and become an important entity in the wooden furniture market.

The undisputed protagonists of Alf DaFrè are the Oregon double bed combined with the Linea bedside table. The combination of the fabric present in the Oregon bed with the Linea wooden bedside table is not at all obvious and the whole results in harmony.

Oregon bed and Linea bedside table | Alf DaFrè | Casaitaliana

Oregon double bed and Linea bedside table by Alf DaFrè

The same concept is also applied to the Morrison double bed and the Timeless bedside table.

Morrison double bed | Alf DaFrè | Casaitaliana

Morrison double bed by Alf DaFrè

The bedside table and the double bed interact and coordinate with each other, forming a visually palatable and harmonious whole. The furniture by Alf DaFrè not only stand out for style, color and refined materials, but also for practicality and aesthetics in perfect harmony.

With Natuzzi and Alf DaFrè your living room and your bedroom will no longer be the same!

If you are interested in the products described above or you want to send your products to China thanks to the 360° service offered by Casaitaliana, do not hesitate to contact us!


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