50 shades of gray

In combination with yellow, brown or beige, gray is the color par excellence in the design world. Discover the products delivered by Casaitaliana during its recent project in China!

Gray is the color par excellence in the world of design and it is also the color that transmits elegance in the house. Its moderate and refined but not flashy and unpretentious spirit always brings a touch of class to the surrounding environment. Combined with the right colors, gray gives life to an interesting game of contrasts.

25th October 2018, project by Casaitaliana at Yide residence in Guangzhou


The cold temperament and pure refinement, combined, reflect an unparalleled beauty. The union of cold colors such as gray, black and white best describes the modern and minimalist style, as for this Tribeca coffee table by Poliform.

Gray + yellow

Tribeca coffee table | Poliform | Casaitaliana

Tribeca coffee table by Poliform

The combination of gray and yellow provides this Tribeca coffee table with an excellent expressiveness. The combination of warm and cold colors creates a refined and uncommon appearance.


The ash gray is combined perfectly with the natural look of the wood, creating an essential, simple and unmistakable style. This particular combination breaks the monotony of gray and increases the warmth of the environment.

Gray + wood

Andrea table | Casamilano | Casaitaliana

Andrea table by Casamilano


Different colors and variety of fabrics for different visual perceptions. The neutrality of beige makes the gray color even more elegant. The sinuous details of this chair by Porada make the whole product of the highest quality.

Gray + beige

Modern chair | Porada | Casaitaliana

Modern chair by Porada


The world of blue, romantic and noble, enchants the mind and highlights the particular plot of this double bed Rea by Giorgetti. Gray and blue create the right combination of simplicity, romance and elegance.

Gray + blue

Rea double bed | Giorgetti | Casaitaliana

Rea double bed by Giorgetti


Gray and brown, apparently not compatible, transmit the maximum elegance and improve the quality and the aristocratic tone of this Ribbon bed by Molteni&C. The elegant style and maximum softness are combined to create an extraordinary sense of comfort.

Gray + brown

Ribbon double bed | Molteni&C | Casaitaliana

Ribbon bed by Molteni&C

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