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Natuzzi and Jesse arrive in China with the project by Casaitaliana

On 28th December 2018, Casaitaliana completed the installation and distribution of some products within the Royal Garden project in Nantong, China. The products delivered this time are some Natuzzi and Jesse products. Let's find them out together!


Natuzzi sofa has always been famous for its natural, delicate, functional and ergonomic design, all qualities requested by customers.

Armonia sofa | Natuzzi | Casaitaliana

Armonia sofa by Natuzzi

The Armonia sofa can be completed by the modern Kubika coffee table. Thanks to the simple but practical design, the Kubika coffee table is perfect as a glove box, creating at the same time an elegant and refined atmosphere.

Kubika coffee table | Natuzzi | Casaitaliana

Kubika coffee table by Natuzzi

With simple and special details, Natuzzi's Pi Greco chairs always wear the right dose of elegance. The Omega dining table and the Pi Greco chairs are composed of calm tones like black and refined materials such as wood and leather, which give the right dose of coldness but at the same time grace.

Omega table | Natuzzi | Casaitaliana

Omega dining table by Natuzzi

The Pi Greco leather chair is perfect for any environment and adds that touch of general simplicity to the environment.

Pi Greco chair | Natuzzi | Casaitaliana

Pi Greco chair by Natuzzi

The Fenice double bed by Natuzzi is entirely covered in leather. The soft lines and refinements are an excellent guarantee of the quality of the product, ensuring in any case the best experience of rest.

Fenice double bed | Natuzzi | Casaitaliana

Fenice double bed by Natuzzi

Simple and low-key but elegant. The Mondrian bedside table, in white color, keeps the surrounding environment clean. The details present above the drawer give a touch of liveliness to the product.

Mondrian bedside table | Natuzzi | Casaitaliana

Mondrian bedside table by Natuzzi


Jesse pursues the essence of comfort and harmony and pays great attention to the practicality of the furniture and the combination of different materials. Warm, comfortable and harmonious, this is the Plaza double bed by Jesse.

Plaza bed | Jesse | Casaitaliana

Plaza double bed by Jesse

The Charles double bed, with its soft colors, harmonious materials and clean lines, adds warmth and relaxation to the bedroom.

Charles bed | Jesse | Casaitaliana

Charles double bed by Jesse

If you are interested in the products above or you want to ship your products in China thanks to the 360° service offered by Casaitaliana, do not hesitate to contact us!


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