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Poliform, Molteni&C, Baxter, Cattelan Italia and Alberta in China with the latest project by Casaitaliana

On 18th January 2019, Casaitaliana completed the installation and the distribution of some products within the project at the residence no. 1 in Beijing. The brands protagonists of this delivery are PoliformMolteni&CBaxterCattelan Italia and Alberta. Let's find out their products together.


The Poliform brand has a unique aesthetic and design. Between minimalism and craftsmanship, Poliform furniture reaches the right balance, to be able to satisfy the different furnishing needs in terms of functionality and design.

Stanford armchair

Stanford armchair | Poliform | Casaitaliana

Stanford armchair by Poliform

Mathieu desk

Simplicity and elegance are the unique features of this Mathieu desk. The particular design and the contained dimensions make this desk suitable for any space. The wood grain, visible and enhanced by the particular processing, makes the product delicate and naturally refined.

Desk Mathieu | Poliform | Casaitaliana

Desk Mathieu by Poliform

Marlon armchair

Thanks to its smart design, the Marlon armchair adapts perfectly to the curves of the body. The solid structure and the comfortable and welcoming seat make the Marlon armchair a piece of extraordinary quality.

Marlon armchair | Poliform | Casaitaliana

Marlon armchair by Poliform

Santa Monica Home armchair

The back of this armchair has a unique design. Just as the crown highlights the aristocratic temperament, the thick cushions and the thin armrests make the Santa Monica Home armchair an element of high standard, totally in line with Poliform's philosophy.

Santa Monica armchair | Poliform | Casaitaliana

Santa Monica Home armchair by Poliform


Elegant proportions and reassuring lines. The seatback of this Doda armchair is perfect for the right rest after a long day. Lying down on the Doda armchair will immediately make you feel at home.

Doda armchair

Doda armchair | Molteni&C | Casaitaliana

Doda armchair by Molteni&C

Teorema containers

With the Teorema containers, Molteni&C reaches the maximum of technology in the production of wood, creating functional and aesthetically innovative products. Combining the strong creativity of modern style with the classicism of wood, Molteni&C has created Teorema, a true work of art.

Teorema container | Molteni&C | Casaitaliana

Teorema container by Molteni&C


Romeo dining table

The precious marble top of this Romeo table is extremely elegant. The geometric lines of the structure, in apparent contrast with the classic surface, create the perfect balance.

Romeo table | Baxter | Casaitaliana

Romeo dining table by Baxter


The Italian furniture brand Cattelan Italia focuses on the design of wooden furnishing accessories. Today Cattelan Italia's product line is enriched with other accessories. A natural element like wood meets marble, glass, leather and steel, creating structures that best interpret three-dimensionality, creating captivating products.

Hudson Library

Hudson bookcase | Cattelan Italia | Casaitaliana

Hudson bookcase by Cattelan Italia


Grace bed with matching pouf

The particular texture and the refined leather upholstery make the bed Grace, with its matching pouf, a product of exquisite Italian craftsmanship. The refined stitching and the skillful processing of the materials make the product extremely elegant.

Grace bed | Alberta | Casaitaliana

Grace bed with matching pouf by Alberta

If you are interested in the products described above or you want to send your products to China thanks to the 360° service offered by Casaitaliana, do not hesitate to contact us!


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